Shortie Socks

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A couple weeks ago, I decided that I needed some ankle socks. So, I set out to design a pattern that would work well for me. I just wanted something simple, but something that would sit just above the ankle bone and stay there, as best as it could. Ankle socks are tough, because there is very little leg structure to keep the socks up. Calf length and higher have more space to tighten around the leg and hold themselves, but ankle socks are going to take a lot of strain for shoes, and just general walking. As you walk, socks will move and shift normally, even store bought. I also had some left over yarn in the Bis-Sock line, in the Hudson’s Memories colorway that I did not want to waste. I had about 44 grams of this left, which is about 200 yards. It was just enough to get these done. I started toe up and went to work. I have listed this sock as a free pattern that you are more than welcome to grab and try. In the pattern, I do recommend that you knit for a half inch (0.5″), after finishing your heel, because this will give you just a tiny bit more space for your sock to hold steady. But, since I was working with scraps, I decided to work my cuff immediately after finishing the heel. It seems to work well, but if I wear them in shoes, I think they will be forced to slide down.

I hope you have fun making them! Since this pattern has no design (a vanilla pattern), it is great for every kind of sock yarn. Stripes show up great, variegated yarn will be able to shine, and speckles will speak for themselves. 😀

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