New Release – Heat Wave Socks

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Hello! I have finally released my Heat Wave Socks pattern. This little guy was not cooperating with me for the longest time. But, it pulled itself together and has now finished Tech Editing and Testing! It passed both with flying colors. 😀 Now it can be yours. These socks are great for any kind of weather, but especially for warmer weather. The great thing about hand knit socks is that you really can wear them year round. The lace detail in these socks gives some lovely air holes for breezes and AC to travel through to cool those feet down. I have to wear socks all the time thanks to foot issues, but if I have to wear them all the time, they may as well be cute, right? The pattern on these socks was designed to mimic the heat waves that come off pavement in the hot weather. You know the ones that seem to shimmer off the road like a mirage? The pattern zig zags up the leg to give a lot of interest. They also have a bit of a relaxed fit because of the lace, but are not droopy on the legs. If you have (as one of my testers put it) “fluffy” calves, then these will fit great! This pattern is worked cuff down, with a heel flap and gusset.

I hope you love them!!


New Release! Always the Weekend Socks

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These socks were created during the heart of the quarantine when I no longer knew what day of the week it was. It felt like a perpetual weekend. I had grown frustrated with everything, and needed to really take the time to refocus myself. These socks were born of that extra attention to my craft. I wanted something with interest to keep someone engaged in the knit, but also simple enough to not make it be laborious. I mean, it’s not like many of us want something supremely difficult right now. When we get frustrated with life, we really want to drown ourselves in something soothing. Hopefully this pattern will tick those boxes!

New Release! Diamond Socks

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I have finally released my Diamond Socks. I started these months and months ago, but they were a bit of a handful. lol So, after a few different versions of this pattern, I finally decided on this final product. The diamond pattern is not only on the top of the foot and leg, but also the bottom of the foot. Carrying the yarn across the foot seemed pretty ridiculous, so I decided that there is no reason for the bottom of the foot to not be pretty, too. I mean, if you have your feet up on an ottoman, then why shouldn’t everyone get too look at your pretty socks. 😀 The design is made by always carrying your two yarns together in a stranded colorwork design. I chose to make the main color with a solid color toe, gusset, heel and cuff. However, there is an alteration available if you would like, where you continue the checker pattern across the gusset. This is great if you don’t want to have to carry your yarn across all those gusset stitches. There is about 10-12 stitches that you would be carrying across at the end. I personally love how it looks to have the solid color gusset, so I went for it. It’s not that bad, but I did have to lock my yarn in a couple times as I worked across. However, since this is one of the few places where this comes up, it wasn’t a big deal. 😀 But, you have options. 😀

As always, my sock pattern comes in 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large, which is 7.5″, 8.5″ and 9.5″ measured across the widest part of your foot. Because of the colorwork, these socks are not going to have a to of stretch. So, if you are a bit over one size, you will might want to go up a size. Doing a gauge swatch will let you know if you are going to be close or not.

I hope you love these as much as I do!

Shortie Socks

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A couple weeks ago, I decided that I needed some ankle socks. So, I set out to design a pattern that would work well for me. I just wanted something simple, but something that would sit just above the ankle bone and stay there, as best as it could. Ankle socks are tough, because there is very little leg structure to keep the socks up. Calf length and higher have more space to tighten around the leg and hold themselves, but ankle socks are going to take a lot of strain for shoes, and just general walking. As you walk, socks will move and shift normally, even store bought. I also had some left over yarn in the Bis-Sock line, in the Hudson’s Memories colorway that I did not want to waste. I had about 44 grams of this left, which is about 200 yards. It was just enough to get these done. I started toe up and went to work. I have listed this sock as a free pattern that you are more than welcome to grab and try. In the pattern, I do recommend that you knit for a half inch (0.5″), after finishing your heel, because this will give you just a tiny bit more space for your sock to hold steady. But, since I was working with scraps, I decided to work my cuff immediately after finishing the heel. It seems to work well, but if I wear them in shoes, I think they will be forced to slide down.

I hope you have fun making them! Since this pattern has no design (a vanilla pattern), it is great for every kind of sock yarn. Stripes show up great, variegated yarn will be able to shine, and speckles will speak for themselves. 😀