Cyberweek Sale!

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Starting today, and running through to the end of the day December 2, 2020 (eastern time), I have 20% off everything in my shop. Along with that, the sale is also happening through my Payhip account, as well as in Etsy. To get the discount on my site and Payhip, you will need to use the code ‘Cyberweek’. Etsy should do it automatically. 😀 Each design and finished good will link you to the various locations where you can find the items. Note: This sale is not running through LoveCrafts or Ravelry. This particular sale is for both patterns and finished goods. 😀

Also, I am participating in the Ravelry Gift A Long 2020. These sales are not connected in any way. My Cyberweek sale is for those who cannot or do not go to Ravelry. If you are interested in the Gift A Long, head over to the Ravelry page. There are 250 designers participating in this sale, and there are prizes to be won for project completions and fun games to play. 🙂 Each designer has a bundle of up to 20 patterns that are included in the sale. The sale there runs from Nov 24, 8pm eastern, until the end of the day Nov 30, 2020. The festivities of the Knit/Crochet a long will run until December 31.

And for a fun picture, here is Daisy kitty inspecting the latest box of yarn to come into the house. This is from the big Knit Picks sale that has been going on, and has enough for 3 sweaters and 2 scarves…at least. haha!!


Shortie Socks

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A couple weeks ago, I decided that I needed some ankle socks. So, I set out to design a pattern that would work well for me. I just wanted something simple, but something that would sit just above the ankle bone and stay there, as best as it could. Ankle socks are tough, because there is very little leg structure to keep the socks up. Calf length and higher have more space to tighten around the leg and hold themselves, but ankle socks are going to take a lot of strain for shoes, and just general walking. As you walk, socks will move and shift normally, even store bought. I also had some left over yarn in the Bis-Sock line, in the Hudson’s Memories colorway that I did not want to waste. I had about 44 grams of this left, which is about 200 yards. It was just enough to get these done. I started toe up and went to work. I have listed this sock as a free pattern that you are more than welcome to grab and try. In the pattern, I do recommend that you knit for a half inch (0.5″), after finishing your heel, because this will give you just a tiny bit more space for your sock to hold steady. But, since I was working with scraps, I decided to work my cuff immediately after finishing the heel. It seems to work well, but if I wear them in shoes, I think they will be forced to slide down.

I hope you have fun making them! Since this pattern has no design (a vanilla pattern), it is great for every kind of sock yarn. Stripes show up great, variegated yarn will be able to shine, and speckles will speak for themselves. 😀


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To celebrate the holidays I have some pretty good sales going on. They don’t happen often! First is my Etsy shop. Everything is 15% off, with a minimum purchase of $20.00, until the end of the day December 26, 2019. If you spend $35.00 you will also get free domestic shipping. Most of the items on my shop are made to order, so I will need to time to make them, but I will try to get everything out as quickly as I possibly can.

If you would like a pattern, then make sure to use the coupon code “Christmas” here and on my Ravelry shop to get 15% off all patterns. There is no minimum purchase with this, but it does also end at the end of the day December 26, 2019. It’s a great time to plan for some goodies for yourself!

Thank you so much for your support throughout 2019 and I appreciate your continued support! Remember that I also have some affiliate links at the bottom of the main page of the website. 🙂 I’ve been making some big changes this year, with the set up of this website, and I will continue to expand what I am offering here and on Etsy. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2020! Have a joyous holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

Hand knits going up for sale

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I am currently plowing through a bunch of knitting to get some hand knits listed on my Etsy page. My goal is to list only high quality knit wear on my page. I won’t be using any acrylic (even though I do love acrylic for a lot of purposes…but people frown upon it), and it will always be a product that feels nice on the skin. I will also be listing only items made with my own patterns. The reason for this is that there is a lot of confusion when it comes to pattern copyright. People assume that if you are not allowed to benefit from someones pattern, that it means you can not sell finished goods that you have made from said pattern. That’s actually not the case. You can not copyright the final product. You can only copyright the words on that page. So, you can not sell my patterns to someone else, nor should you give them to someone for free. However, the finished products are yours to do with as you desire. But, that confusion means that if I use someones patter that does not understand the finer details of the copyright laws, I could find myself in hot water, even if I’m not doing anything wrong. And no one has time for that. That means I’ll play it safe and if it’s my pattern, I’ll use it.

One of the biggest issues with selling hand knits online is that you really can’t make your money back. It darned near impossible. For example, the scarf that I have listed on Etsy right now is up for $120.00. It sounds like a lot, and it is. However, it took me 21 hours to knit. If I were to try and fetch an okay wage, of say $7 an hour, that would be $147.00. Then I have the yarn to account for. After the basic expense of yarn, I’ll be making approximately $4.50 an hour. Not a lot, but really when you are self employed, every little bit helps. I may or may not list socks for sale. I have not decided. That’s even less of a return. They would be listed for about $50.00, which makes my profit margin pretty tiny. Right now, I am going to list products based on my profit margin, because looking at it based on an hourly wage is just downright depressing. lol

But, enough of the nitty gritty of what will be listed and pricing schemes, here is the first product I have listed. It’s a Dragon Scale Scarf, made with 100% Merino Wool that is an absolute delight to have against your skin. I have one just like this for myself, and I adore it. It’s soft and squishy and holds up really well. It will need to be hand washed and laid out flat to dry, but it’s worth it. Of course, there is also the option of using a fabric refresher of some sort to keep it going longer between washes. 🙂 I like to do this, personally. The color of this is a light/medium heathered grey, which adds an extra layer of interest to the look. Did I mention that I adore this yarn? I have 6 more in the works to be listed. But, as I said, it takes 21 hours of knitting, which I have to fit in at various times, so it takes a while to complete. Because of that, they will only be listed as finished products to make sure that I don’t impose extra deadlines on myself. I do need to also get designs out the door.



Be sure to subscribe to my blog, if you would like to get updates on blog posts, and shop updates. Whenever I update the pattern shop here on the website, or my Etsy shop, I will put up a post about it to keep my followers informed. I am currently getting ready for 2020, and have my goals list started. You should see a lot of things coming down the line over the next couple months, as I really get moving on these things. I have a whole line of wood burning ornaments that I’m starting to get out. They are a seasonal gnome line up. Each season will have 6 gnome ornaments to choose from. I can’t wait for you to see them! I’ve been working on the winter set for the last couple weeks. I think I almost have the design worked out. I just have one ornament to change. And, as always, these have been hand drawn by me. However, they are hand drawn on to a template, so that each set is identical. I have so many goodies in my head planned, and I need to start getting them on to paper!

Thanks so much for reading. I can’t wait for you to see what is coming.