Welcome to TLCrafts and Design.  I would like to give you a quick tour of what you will find on my site.  First of all, this landing page will be the location of any important announcements of pattern release dates, test knits needs, etc.  As patterns go live, I will have them linked above in the patterns tab. The patterns tab will contain the blog posts related to each individual pattern.  Also, to help people find them easier, I will also have a side bar link to each specific blog post of a particular pattern.

The Projects link will be for any projects I have personally completed. I will be able to show the pictures of my finished project or work in progress, as well as give the information on the yarn I used, the designer of the pattern, where to find the pattern, etc to give proper credit to the designer.

In addition to doing my own designs, I also test knit for others. Those completed test knits will go into my Portfolio section. Once the pattern goes live, I will be able to go back and edit the post to link back to the designers pattern page. Until it goes live, we’ll have to just live with the project pictures and yarn details.

There is also a Photography page. I enjoy taking pictures of plants and flowers, as well as ocean scenery. I will be putting up watermarked images for people to browse, and links to an Etsy page where prints can be purchased.

On the right hand sidebar, you should see a link to Kelly Moore Bags, as well. I am an affiliate with them. They make amazing bags! The room that you have in the bag for your camera and gear is impressive. My grey Libby bag has been amazing. The quality has been fantastic as well. I love that I can put all my gear in there and go with no problems. Also, if you chose to not use it for a camera and gear, you can rearrange the inserts inside to make it work for what you need. I took my bag on vacation last year and had all my writing stuff inside. So, 15″ laptop, notebooks, pens, etc. And they all fit no problem. There are bags for men and women, so no one needs to feel left out.

Feel free to browse around!