Welcome to TLCrafts and Design! I’m so happy that you found me. First, a little bit about me. I started knitting when I was a child, but stopped for many years. I picked it back up again about 10 years ago, and haven’t put it down since. I grew up in a very crafty/diy household, so I have been able to really focus on what I learned. The environment growing up was very much a do it yourself style, where we would refinish things, or build things new. Rarely was something thrown out..not when it could be fixed or re-purposed. From my newly rekindled love of knitting, I have branched out into the world of design. I spent a few years very sick from rheumatoid arthritis, but am now in total remission (Glory Be!). The design business was a way for me to potentially contribute to household income, but mostly to feel like I was accomplishing something with my days.

As this blog progresses, I will also begin to post some of my photography. Being sick the last couple of years made it difficult to get out and photograph things. Hopefully now that I am up and around again, I will be able to start taking out my camera and getting some great shots.

You will find tabs at the top of the page that will give you links to various areas of interest. The Patterns tab will list all of the patterns I have released so far, as well as some sneak peeks. As patterns go from in progress to released, I’ll update a particular post, so as not to clutter the page. Also, if you are looking for a particular pattern to purchase, you will find the side bar with all the links directly to Ravelry for each pattern. This will give you a quick jump point, instead of weeding through various posts.

The Projects link will be for any projects I have personally completed, but are designed by others. I will be able to show the pictures of my finished project or work in progress, as well as give the information on the yarn I used, the designer of the pattern, where to find the pattern, etc to give proper credit to the designer. This will be more about my life as a knitter, outside of the design world.

In addition to doing my own designs, I also test knit for others. Those completed test knits will go into my Portfolio section. Once the pattern goes live, I will be able to go back and edit the post to link back to the designers pattern page. Until it goes live, we’ll have to just live with the project pictures and yarn details.

There is the Photography tab, as I mentioned above, but it is currently empty. I hope to get that up and running soon, so stay tuned!

On the right hand sidebar, you should see a link to Kelly Moore Bags, as well. I am an affiliate with them. They make amazing bags! The room that you have in the bag for your camera and gear is impressive. My grey Libby bag has been amazing. The quality has been fantastic as well. I love that I can put all my gear in there and go with no problems. Also, if you chose to not use it for a camera and gear, you can rearrange the inserts inside to make it work for what you need. I took my bag on vacation last year and had all my writing stuff inside. So, 15″ laptop, notebooks, pens, etc. And they all fit no problem. There are bags for men and women, so no one needs to feel left out.

Feel free to browse around!