Etsy Shop Update

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I have finally managed to get upstairs to my desk long enough to finish off a bunch of woodburned ornaments. I managed to get 9 listings posted onto my Etsy shop today. Each one will be made to order, and will take 1-2 weeks to ship. But, this is the best way to control my inventory and supply count. If I get a larger number or orders for something specific that starts to come through, then I will gauge whether I want to have a supply on hand. Each ornament will have a hole drilled in the top, and will have a string attached to allow for them to be hung right away. Some of these have painted areas for a pop of color. I decided to just do a splash of color, but not color the entire design. I hope you love them!





coffee cup



Christmas Sheep


Shop updates, pattern revisit, and projects done

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Hello! I have decided to re-do my pattern for my Diamonds at Sea socks. This was my first pattern to be released, and let’s just say it was pretty rough looking. It was not up to my current standards. With all these changes that I have made (a complete rewrite of the pattern), it was in need of testing. Back when I started, I didn’t realize the importance of testing, so I never did it. Turned out I had a huge error in the pattern that testers would have noticed in a heartbeat. I am hoping to re-release this pattern in January. Up next, I will be finishing a rewrite of my Winter Storm socks. These were also an early pattern that has had some better looks, but I need to re-knit those socks for better pictures. The current ones are not very good at all. I do have much better pictures for my Diamonds at Sea socks, though:


This has meant that my other designs took a bit of a back seat. I am hoping that I will be able to get some solid work done between now and the new year to get a few things into testing in January. Christmas is approaching quickly, which has me a bit stressed out, but I really only have a couple things to do. Only one thing is being knit, but I need to get that into the mail by December 1. I did manage to finish something for me, though.I decided to make a tree skirt for the tree. We needed a new one, because ours was spot clean only, and we have cats that like to chew on the tree and then barf. lol So, I made a new one, using acrylic yarn that is machine washable. Yay! This design is the Hexagon Tree Skirt, but Bethany Dearden. I absolutely love it. 😀


I also made a gnome for my husband. It’s called Gnome de Plume, by Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes. Her gnome designs are absolutely amazing. I am in love with this little guy. I put some weight in his bottom to make him stand up a little better on the shelf. I’m in love with his cute little beard. You can even see the tree skirt in action in this post. 😀


I hope to be putting up another Sock Basics post soon, and hopefully I will have more design updates shortly.

Thanks for reading!!

New Products!

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Today I launched another key chain. This one is a Mini Rosary and is available in two colors: Pink and Blue. I have to say that after a lot of trouble getting beads I like, I fell in love with the blue. The blue beads I ordered never arrived, so I had to find something else. These were sitting upstairs just waiting to become these key chains. 😀


Also! On the design front, the test for the Scarf of Many Colors is wrapping up and that pattern will be launched in the next couple days. So, keep your eyes peeled for that one. 😀

I also have a new sock design that is in progress. I’m hoping to get this finished soon because I have a couple pairs of socks to make for a donation, and those will take priority when the yarn arrives for them. But, either way, these socks will be heading off for testing in the next month or so. I am really liking how they are turning out. 😀 Right now I am going back and forth on the heel color. I think I might do green for the heel, since the toes are grey. I think that will make a nice statement.


And speaking of socks, I am hoping to get the third installment on How to Knit Socks up in the next few days.