Summer is here (ish)!

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Now that we are getting into the full swing of warmer weather, even though technically summer doesn’t start for another week or so, it feels like it’s summer here. That also means a lot more daily chores, and a bit less knitting time. But, that’s okay. It’s why I do a lot of design work over the winter.

Our garden is in full swing now. Everything is growing really well. The spaghetti squash is almost growing too well. We usually struggle to get things to grow, but with the new plot and all new dirt, things are going wild. haha! Yesterday we had a spaghetti squash plant fall over and unfortunately it broke. So we had to do a hack job on that one. But, we have at least 4 more plants, maybe 6. Two plants were falling behind and getting buried, but now one of them has suddenly gotten a lot more room. Another plant is also falling over, and breaking. Hopefully we’ll get a good amount of squash still. That means a change of plans for next year, though.


Everything else is plumping up really well. I’ve gotten a couple zucchini’s, some blueberries, turnips and beets. Plus we’ve been eating greens for weeks now. My goal is to grow enough to last us the whole winter. I’m not sure we’ll get there this year, but hopefully next summer will be more bountiful. This year was a bit of an experiment on learning how things grow and which plants grow best. I discovered that the turnips grown down here for the summer are way too bitter. I’m going to replant them for the fall because if they can be in the ground for the first fall frost they will be much sweeter. We are already planning the fall planting. With any luck we’ll get two full growing periods.


I do have a couple designs in the works though. I have fingerless mittens, called Rhombus Rhuckus, which are in testing right now. That will run until almost the end of July, unless testers finish earlier.


And I just noticed that we need to redo this photo. You can see the bathroom back there. lol That’s fine. We’ll redo these before I release the pattern. No one needs to see the toilet. haha!

I also have a bulky weight cowl that is in tech editing right now. That should be ready to go in the next few weeks, depending on how I handle testing.


Hopefully come the fall I’ll have some more designs coming out. I have a few things in progress, but also have some major math that needs to be done on some sweaters. Those will take a lot of work.

Thanks for reading!

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