New Release! Rhombus Rhuckus Fingerless Mitts

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Even though I have been very busy in the garden and outside, I managed to get this pattern finished and tested. These fingerless mittens have an interesting design. The leaning stitches create a fluffy texture that gives more texture and a warmer mitt. Even with the increased warmth, they are still fantastic for an air conditioned office, or for cold spring and fall evenings. It’s also a texture that will keep you interested, but is a simple enough pattern that you can start to see what is coming next and can be somewhat easy to remember. Unfortunately, these mittens would not be a candidate for TAAT (two at a time) knitting. There are many sections where the stitches have to be shifted, which makes for an awkward knit if you knit TAAT. Thankfully fingerless mittens can be a faster knit, so hopefully won’t cause too many issues for getting around to the second one. 😀

I have had the pattern fully tested and tech edited. The pattern works best with a solid yarn, but my testers were able to get a good looking mitt even in variegated yarn. The texture will slightly disappear, but it still make the same fluffy mitten.

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