Studio Completion!

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I am a very happy camper right now. The studio is pretty much complete. There are a couple things to be done, but it’s 100% usable. Thursday we have a counter top being installed in the bathroom, and then when the contractor gets back from vacation at the end of the month, he’ll come in to install the sink and hook up the plumbing, and do whatever touchups I find…which so far is very little. I have already moved most of the furniture down there, and have most things set up. We are going to consider having built ins made for the storage room to display yarn and give us lots of extra storage space. We are just waiting back on a quote for that one.

I am still waiting on a couch to be delivered, but it’s delayed a bit. It’s fine though, because we took down a couple comfy chairs.


There is a photography corner set up, so I can do pictures of my new designs and whatnot, without having to constantly be pulling things out of various closets. All I need to do now is set up my light box somewhere. I think that will only be brought out when needed though, because the cats will absolutely try to go on top of it and ruin it.


We managed to get the entertainment/storage unit set up on Sunday. We’ll hang the tv up soon, but for now it’s fine sitting on the cabinet.


I also found a cabinet that is perfect for my tea cabinet. I think I’ll look at buying a piece of plexiglass for the top to protect it, though. I’ve already made tea over there, and am super happy with the amount of storage. I might have a tea problem. lol The sump is exposed on that side of the room, but at some point we’ll figure out a permanent solution to covering it. For now, this antique sewing cabinet will work fine for keeping anyone from stepping on it.


In the storage room, it’s a bit sparse right now. I brought down the red cubbies to hold my yarn, which is what it was doing anyway. It will stay like that until a more permanent solution is found. And Daisy had to get in on this picture. She is so overwhelmed with all the stuff down there. She just keeps running from room to room, purring and chirping. hehe


So, that’s it for this part of the tour. We have a carpet guy coming Thursday to measure the stairs to get us set up with new carpet there. I was going to refinish the stairs, but when I pulled off half the carpet it was a mess. The landing is this cobbled together plywood crap that is just atrocious. We decided to just cover it all back up with a nice carpet. Either way it’ll look nice, and it’ll be nice on the feet.

Thanks for reading!

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