Renovation update!

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I’m very excited about the renovation update. We are so close to being finished! By the end of next week, we should be able to start moving everything in. It’s been a couple months of renovation work so far, but we are down to touch ups, caulking and thresholds. We will have one project that is delayed, but that is because we are at the mercy of the subcontractor. So, the bathroom won’t have a sink until he comes to put in the granite. But, that doesn’t mean an unusable space, thankfully.

We decided to go with Dricore on the floor, and an LVT flooring. We have had multiple floods down there, and really don’t want to deal with ripping up walls and carpet again. This will give us a 1″ buffer between the concrete floor, and the top of the sub floor. If we have similar floods again, this will protect us against those. The LVT is not everyone’s first choice for flooring, but honestly it’s super durable, which is great for the studio space. And it looks pretty good. It’s obviously not wood, but that’s not something you want in a basement anyway. And I couldn’t do tile, because the floors are very uneven down there. I didn’t feel like spending the extra cash to float and level the floors. So, this will be just right. 🙂


The lights I bought months ago finally went in last week. I was a bit worried that they would be a bit too dim, because they don’t use full sized bulbs, but they are actually pretty good!


I purchased these lights from Etsy from Lamp Goods. They are simple, but just right for the space. 😀 I went with a silver finish to just add a bit of bling in the space. I also have a new door knob set for the back door that we have to put on that is also silver. Also, the faucet in the bathroom is also silver. I think I forgot to get new door knobs for the bathroom and furnace room doors though. I should probably fix that. hehe It’s amazing how many little touches there are for a simple space like this. I didn’t go too far out there on the design, because I figured my extra pieces would add the flare. But, there are so many extra pieces! I still have the old white ceiling fans in there, but that will be fixed once we start working on the hubby’s office. I’m taking his ceiling fans because he’s getting new lights. His ceiling fans are silver/grey, so they’ll work well. 😀

So, hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have an update with actual furniture in there! Thanks for reading!

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