New Releases! Glass Shard Socks and Essence Hat

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I recently launched a couple new patterns. First up are my Glass Shard Socks. These socks have a lace pattern that travels up the foot and leg that looks like icicles falling. The lace gives an airiness to these socks that make them great to wear any time of year. Also, because of the break in the pattern that occurs between the icicles, you can easily make these shorter or longer to fit your personal preference.


Next up is my first crochet offering ever! Yes, you heard that right. Crochet! I have decided to branch out into crochet for some of my designs. I’m not sure how many there will be, but I do have two other crochet patterns in process right now. This pattern is my Essence Hat. I love the detail on this hat. It works up really fast, and creates a cozy thick textured hat that is great for those colder winter climates. It’s knit from the brim up, so you can easily add extra length in the main body of the hat before moving on to the decreases. Also, the decreases continue the pattern, so you have the texture all the way up to the very top of the head.


Stay tuned for more patterns coming very soon!

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