More releases!

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I’ve been working hard lately to get some more patterns out. That means I have three more for everyone, with a couple more still to come! If you are ever interested in testing for me, feel free to send me a message through the website, or if you are on Ravelry, you can join my group.

First up, we have a new scarf! This is my Sno’ Fun Scarf and it knits up very quickly. It looks very complicated, but if you put a stitch marker between each of the repeats it really helps keep track of where your repeats are and takes some of the stress out of it. It can also be modified to make it wider or thicker by adding or removing a repeat of the pattern. I also added a fringe onto mine for a little bit of fun.


Next is a pair of colorwork socks. These are my Eat Your Greens Socks. I love how these turned out. I was looking for something nature inspired, and we was looking out the window at the trees and thought ‘I need leaves!’. So, that was how they started. I decided to go with this mirrored leaf look. I am about to start a second pair for myself using a light color of maybe grey or beige along with a rainbow yarn to create a fall look to the leaves. These socks have a really fun sole and a different gusset than I normally do. The gusset is made by doing increases on the sole and continuing with the striped colorwork. It gives a fun wedge design on the bottom of the sock.


And last, but certainly not least is another hat. This is my Raindrops Hat. This has a loose fit because of the increases to make the raindrops. The gauge is a bit fiddly with this hat, but honestly even measuring a swatch in stockinette should come out to the same numbers as the Raindrops. It can also be easily lengthened and instructions are provided in the pattern on how to do that. I also carried the raindrops up the crown of the hat, so it goes all the way up until the last few rounds of decreases.


I hope you love all these patterns. They were so much fun to make!

New Releases!

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Now that the studio is complete I am playing catch up on all the projects I have on the go. This week alone I published 2 new patterns. My brain has decided that it needs to do everything right this second, which has resulted in complete overload. lol I’m slowly reeling myself back in to actually have a bit of focus. So, to start things off I wanted to let everyone know what is new right now.

First off, I published a new pair of fingerless mittens. These are called Caterpillar Mittens. They are made with fingering weight yarn, and have a very simple lace pattern that will resemble fluffy little caterpillars going across them. They are thick enough to keep your hands warm on a cool fall day, but have a little breathability so you don’t overheat as much as full mittens. 😀

Mitts 2

I have also released a sock pattern called Flying South Socks. These socks have ‘V’s’ on them to resemble geese flying south for the winter, which is perfect for this time of year. We’re seeing a lot of birds flying south right now. Can’t say as I blame them, since we’re now getting frost and freeze warnings overnight. The lace pattern is pretty simple, with just yarn overs and some decreases, but it gives a bit of movement to the socks which is fun. 🙂


And lastly I released a scarf pattern. This is my Abstract Scarf. It’s a very gender neutral design that can be blinged up with your yarn choice. You can go all in with a sparkle, or do a dark neutral. It’s very easy to customize this for your special someone. 😀 I do love how the pattern pops with a light color or neutral, but the world is your oyster with this one.


That is everything that is new. I hope you all love what I have come up with this year. I have a sock pattern on the go right now, and a cowl that is about to go to an editor, so there is more coming down the pipeline before the end of the year, I hope. Keep an eye out for those. As always, if you want any sneak peeks, be sure to follow my Facebook page. That’s where I usually post my quick little snippets. I am also trying to be more active on Instagram with all that as well.