Romancing The Brioche

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I have just completed another test knit for YarnOverNewYork. This hat is absolutely adorable. It makes use of the Brioche style to give definition to the ribbing and the heart. It has child and adult sizes, so if you are looking for a cute hat for a little girl, this one will be fantastic. It’s also great with Valentines day coming up.


Butterfly Socks

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Released!! The Butterfly socks are written for three sizes (S, M, L), so they will be a versatile pattern for anyone. I decided on a butterfly pattern, because they were cheerful and spring like. I sense a theme from my projects lately. I seem to really like Spring and Fall. Perhaps that is the best time to consider making items to warm the hands and feet. I used Knit Picks Stroll in the Cucumber Tonal colorway. The yarn was soft and nice to work with. It makes for very comfortable socks. 😀


Fioritura Shawl

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This test knit was for Yarn Over New York once again. She has lovely patterns, and you really should go check out her Ravelry page. This one is a lovely shawlette. It is long enough to cover your shoulders on a chilly day, or bundle up around your neck. This pattern is set to be released in just a couple short weeks.

I’m not sure what yarn this is, but it required a fingering weight yarn. Unfortunately, the ball band for this went missing ages ago, but the yarn was sparkly and crying to be used for this. Who was I to refuse! To knit this pattern, you will need to be able to work increases and decreases, and be able to follow a special stitch pattern that she has included. She does a great job of detailing how the stitch works, and includes pictures. Also, while there are charts in the pattern, she has also written out the instructions for you.

Busy beaver

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I have been very busy lately, and have completed a decent amount of projects. Mom’s sweater is in the mail to her. Hopefully it’ll arrive safe and sound. I am so in love with this sweater. It is so amazing! After I blocked it, it just looked even better, which I didn’t think was possible. I really want one for myself. This pattern is the Herbst Rosina, and I made it with Miss Babs Yowza in the Cloak colorway. Such beautiful yarn, and a joy to work with. Did I mention I am in love with this sweater?



Of course I also finished my Winter Storm Jonas socks, and have released that pattern.


My Dreaming of Spring Fingerless mittens are finished, and are out for testing. They should be released late November.


This beauty is a test knit I did for Yarn Over New York. It is delightful! I have no idea what the yarn was, because the band was lost ages ago. The pattern is Fiortura Shawl, and I will link this in my portfolio page when it is released.

These are one of my patterns and is currently being tested. It’s proving to be a challenging one. But, hopefully it’ll be released on time. This one is being tested until November 30, 2016. They are called By The Shore Fingerless Mitts.


I also finished the second sock of my Diamonds by the Sea socks, and have better pictures. I love these. The yarn choice has to be a bit more specific, since anything too dark or variegated causes the cables to fade away. These should be released later in November.


Here are some stitch markers that have gone up on the Etsy page.


IMG_1807 (1)