Log Blanket

I am working towards completing a blanket in a log cabin style, for my first pattern of the year. This is the first project in the color theme. Right now, I am on block 8, but I’m not sure how large it will end up being. I planned for 52″ X 52″, but I’m not sure I can pull off the long blocks needed for that, without buying new needles. hehe I’m going to play it by ear, and see where it goes. It is a square design, with the blocks just going around and around until it’s the desired size. The goal is to have this complete in the next couple weeks to begin testing. It would be nice if I can get it complete before the winter games. I plan on knitting a new sweater for myself, while spending all the time watching the events.

For now, here is a sneak peek of how the blanket looked a couple days ago. It looks a bit wobbly on the edges, but it evens up as I pick up the stitches for the next block. Either way, it will need to be blocked when it’s finished.


I chose to use Knit Picks Brava Worsted. It’s an acrylic yarn, which was very economical for a blanket. I plan on putting this in the living room, so something that is durable and easily cleaned is a must. I also like this yarn. I have another blanket I am working on in the same yarn. It’s soft and smooth, which is nice when you are knitting with it for months on end. It also feels just warm enough.

Celtic Cables Cowl and Scarf

New Release! As of today, the Celtic Cables Cowl and Scarf pattern is released! It took me a while to get everything finished up, and I had some technical difficulties that included ordering a new computer (which will be here next week), but it is done. 😀 I do love how the cables look.

This pattern is 4 patterns in one. You can choose how you want to make this one. It has both the cowl and the scarf pattern, but it is also written for both DK/Sport and Fingering weight. The length of each is completely dependent on how long you want your accessory to be. The finished width was about 6 or 7″ wide for me, but yours will depend on your gauge and how hard you block it. A firm block got me to 7″.

Be sure to check it out! With all this cold weather, something warm around the neck and face is awesome. Thanks everyone!

fullsizeoutput_dff_small2 fullsizeoutput_e05_small2

2017 Wind Down

The past year has been great fun. I began my design business at the end of 2016, but really got things rolling in 2017. I managed to launch 7 patterns, and have one more that has finished testing and is ready to launch. I also have one more in the pipes that needs testing. That overlap is bound to happen every year, especially when dealing with gift knitting for Christmas. I have been honored to have some fantastic testers this past year. They have been so great to work with.

I have a great work space that I can now enjoy. That unfortunately meant things were put aside to get it done. We worked hard on two bedrooms upstairs to create my husbands office, and our art/design studio. Here is my work space before I put in all my stuff.


The studio is working great for me. I have a large table and lots of space to spread out all the papers. This has meant some new designs are just about finished their draft process, and are ready to be knit by me.

So, what does 2018 bring? Well, for starters, more patterns. I’m sure that the pattern needing launching, which is the Celtic Cable Cowl/Scarf will be delayed until sometime in January. The scarf still needs completion, and even though I knit on it every day it doesn’t seem to get any longer. It has to be getting longer, but it feels like it’s taking forever. I’m hoping one more week will see this scarf finished and get its fringe. Then it’s pictures, pattern edit, and launch.


The cowl has been done for quite some time. But, I just really need pictures of the scarf version.

I also have a pair of socks that I completely dropped the ball on. I am almost finished the first sock, and will be putting them up for testing in a few weeks. They don’t quite fit the 2018 theme of color, but as my husband says ‘they do have color’. hehe These are my number one to do after the scarf. Sort of. (Pardon the Moose pajamas. I don’t plan on putting on real pants today, at all. lol)


The sort of portion of those socks is that I am starting the knitting on a blanket design starting next week. It’s a log cabin style blanket, and fits with the 2018 theme of color. It will be color blocks that get picked up off the other blocks. The yarn for it has arrived already. I chose Knit Picks Brava Worsted for a couple reasons. One is that I already have the grey that I wanted to use, and two it’s machine washable to the nth degree. I love having a blanket that I don’t need to be concerned with. I want to just toss it in the washer. We also have 2 cats, so being able to easily wash it is a must. They love knit items and shed like crazy! This is all the yarn I purchased for the next two projects the balls are for the blanket, and the skeins are for a fingering weight double knit scarf.


Be sure to stay tuned as things get rolling for the new year. I hope everyone enjoys their New Years eve celebrations! Make it a safe one!

Novembers featured pattern

For Novembers featured pattern, I decided on the Leaf Slouchy. This hat is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. It has a leaf design to give it interest, but it isn’t crazy bulky either. If you live in a climate, where you don’t need a hat for -30F right now, this is great.

Just use the code Feat11 to get your 10% this pattern. This is a one time use code, per customer, but there is no minimum purchase requirement. This coupon will be valid until the end of day December 1. I hope everyone enjoys it!


Featured Design Sale for October!

I have decided to start doing a once a month sale on a single pattern that I will be featuring. I’m going to run each sale for a week, at 10% off. This month I am featuring Celtic Cable Mitts. Use the coupon code Feat10 on Ravelry to get your pattern 10% off until 11:59pm on November 2. Keep your eyes open here every month. Going forward I will try to post 1 week before the end of the month with a new coupon code. Keep in mind that each coupon code will be limited to one use per customer, and will be valid only for the featured pattern for that week/month.


Leaves Galore

New Release! This is my latest sock pattern. The Leaves Galore socks are designed to play off the look of leaves falling in Autumn. The pattern is written with two different needle sizes to accommodate the pulling of the lace on the leg. The gauge is most important on the foot, when using the smaller needle, and is what is noted in the pattern. Switching to the larger needle after the completion of the heel will give room to slip the sock on and retain the comfortable fit.

There is a lace pattern to follow that might not make for the best travel knitting, but it works up quickly. That makes these socks great for a quick gift knit.

leaves 5//

Simplicity Socks

New Release! This is a free pattern I have just launched on Ravelry. It’s a super simple pattern design that is easy to memorize. That makes it a great travel project. Also, there are no additional tools needed, beyond the basics of the needles and a tapestry needle (for sewing in the ends when you are finished). The pattern creates just a bit of visual appeal that will help break up any pooling from a variegated yarn.

I used an Into The Whirled club yarn, but any sock yarn will work for this pattern. It also works with any color of yarn, be it plain, variegated, hand painted, speckled, etc.