Featured Design Sale for October!

I have decided to start doing a once a month sale on a single pattern that I will be featuring. I’m going to run each sale for a week, at 10% off. This month I am featuring Celtic Cable Mitts. Use the coupon code Feat10 on Ravelry to get your pattern 10% off until 11:59pm on November 2. Keep your eyes open here every month. Going forward I will try to post 1 week before the end of the month with a new coupon code. Keep in mind that each coupon code will be limited to one use per customer, and will be valid only for the featured pattern for that week/month.


Leaves Galore

New Release! This is my latest sock pattern. The Leaves Galore socks are designed to play off the look of leaves falling in Autumn. The pattern is written with two different needle sizes to accommodate the pulling of the lace on the leg. The gauge is most important on the foot, when using the smaller needle, and is what is noted in the pattern. Switching to the larger needle after the completion of the heel will give room to slip the sock on and retain the comfortable fit.

There is a lace pattern to follow that might not make for the best travel knitting, but it works up quickly. That makes these socks great for a quick gift knit.

leaves 5//

Simplicity Socks

New Release! This is a free pattern I have just launched on Ravelry. It’s a super simple pattern design that is easy to memorize. That makes it a great travel project. Also, there are no additional tools needed, beyond the basics of the needles and a tapestry needle (for sewing in the ends when you are finished). The pattern creates just a bit of visual appeal that will help break up any pooling from a variegated yarn.

I used an Into The Whirled club yarn, but any sock yarn will work for this pattern. It also works with any color of yarn, be it plain, variegated, hand painted, speckled, etc.



Celtic Cabled Fingerless Mittens

Released! These mitts were started this past winter, but due to pain in my hands I had to put them down. Now that I have my arthritis under control, I have been able to pick them back up. The cable is a twisting pattern that works its way up the hand, but is not on the palm at all. The palm is a plain stockinette stitch to allow for the mittens to sit flat. That way they will not cause problems with typing or knitting. There are small, medium and large versions of this pattern and for the cable. I have sized the cable to have a similar hand coverage in each size.

The inspiration for this pattern was more vague. I am just a big fan of cables. I had wanted to learn how to knit cables since I was a child, and I am still infatuated with them. Plus I grew up in Nova Scotia, where we have quite a bit of Celtic influence. It can’t help but bleed out of Cape Breton into the rest of the province.


Spring Flower Socks

Released! I have finally finished my Spring Flower Socks, and they are now released. These socks came about when I was looking around at different stitch patterns and really felt inspired by Spring. I settled on making a stitch that looked like flowers that are just coming up, and others say it reminds them of dandelions. Either way, very spring. hehe

I worked with Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering weight yarn on this one. The colorway is called Fremont, and is a lovely blend of pink and green, which again just screamed Spring. I love this yarn. It is holding a stitch pattern beautifully, and has just enough color variation to keep it interesting. It hasn’t seemed to have a pooling problem as of yet. I think the changes are random enough with the greens to keep that to a minimum.


HopScotch Socks

New Release!  Introducing HopScotch Socks. This simple, easy to remember pattern is great for travel knitting. I was trying to design a pattern that would be easily transportable for car rides, or doctor appointments. The pattern is a simple knit and purl design, that resembled the tiles of the hopscotch game I played as a kid. It brings back fond memories of spring coming around and finally being able to play outside with friends. It was a great combination to go with the idea of being out and about with your knitting.

The sock is a toe up design, with a simple heel flap. Since there is nothing other than purls and knits, it’s a great beginner pattern to learn how to knit socks.

You can find this pattern on my Ravelry Store, or on Craftsy.


Moving forward

You may have noticed a new feature on the side bar. I have put up a Patron button. I thought I would give this a try. It’s mostly to assist in making a steady flow of patterns available for people. This entails a certain level of commitment, though. In addition to the patterns, I am looking at starting a knitting e-magazine for patrons. This will include what is going on within TLCrafts and Designs, in terms of the patterns, but will also include reviews of what I have knit recently and the yarns I have been using. I have also noticed that there are techniques that people would like to know more about. When the e-magazine launches, that will include a “How To” section. I plan on including information on how to knit socks, and various stitch techniques.

Over the next week or so, I will continue to work on the “sample” version of the magazine. This will be an April issue, but will be worked a bit differently. Instead of the usual How To section, I am giving a glance into how a day as a designer works. The e-magazine will be a bit like a podcast in magazine format. I’m really trying to make the e-magazine look as good as possible, while using the free versions of templates. Part of the monthly goal is to allow me to pay for functions to make the e-magazine better. This sample edition will be available to everyone, and I will post the link on here when it’s complete. However, once the e-magazine officially launches it will be for patrons only.

Patrons will be given additional access to information regarding patterns, including a more in depth sneak peek at upcoming projects, and insider information about larger projects or knit a longs as they come up. The highest patron level also receives a copy of the patterns every month as they are released. I am hoping to improve things as I get patrons, but for now this will have to do.

Feel free to go over to the Patreon page with the link on the right hand side of the page, and take a look through the public posts. The blog, Facebook page and Ravelry page will not change in any way going forward. The same information will be posted there. Also, Ravelry will still be where I handle all the test knits.

I look forward to seeing you at Patreon!