Christmas gifts are done, on to me presents!

Yes, I have finished my Christmas knitting. Now, before you get jealous, I will put in the explanation that I really only made two gifts. I seriously limited what I am knitting for people. I have a gift for each of my parents, and that is it. 😀 I do have a WIP that I am working on for J that is partly done, but it’s not a Christmas present, since he knows I’m doing it.

With that being said, I finished a scarf for myself. I decided to try Tunisian Crochet, and see what it was like. I picked up some Tunisian needles and found myself a pattern on Ravelry. I ended up choosing the Tunisian Resolution Scarf. It’s a fantastic pattern! It is just complicated enough to keep my attention, yet describes everything with pictures, so that even a beginner will understand. So, back and forth I went until it was super long….like down to my knees long. I love it. I did the basic width that the pattern described, since it doesn’t get all that cold down here for me. But it’s also long enough that I can wrap it around my neck twice and it’s still a good length.

Untitled Untitled

Other than that, I am working on one of my designs that will be coming soon. It’s a cabled cowl/scarf. It has been tested, but I need scarf pics, so I am plugging away at finishing that. Also, I’m working on my double knit blanket still. This is the Grand Quest Blanket, which I got through the compilation. It’s fabulous! Here are some of my squares so far:


This is only two of the squares. There will be 20 total, and they are fully reversible. I love them! It goes with the same group of patterns as the scarf I finished ages ago: Untitled

Now that I have updated what is going on with my projects, it’s time to get back to working on them! Thanks for reading!

Novembers featured pattern

For Novembers featured pattern, I decided on the Leaf Slouchy. This hat is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. It has a leaf design to give it interest, but it isn’t crazy bulky either. If you live in a climate, where you don’t need a hat for -30F right now, this is great.

Just use the code Feat11 to get your 10% this pattern. This is a one time use code, per customer, but there is no minimum purchase requirement. This coupon will be valid until the end of day December 1. I hope everyone enjoys it!


Croc-a-tail Scarf

This cute scarf pattern was great fun. Again, it’s a pretty simple pattern, but there are great details for not just visual interest, but to keep your attention. There are little spikes knit along the edge to imitate a croc tail. I used a Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball for this, as the pattern calls for fingering weight. I knit until I was pretty much out of yarn. This pattern is fantastic for that. You can just keep knitting away until you are about to fun out and then bind off. A lot less waste that way. So many times I end up with balls of fingering weight hanging around because the pattern didn’t use it all.


Angels Flight Cap

This cute hat can be whipped up in no time at all. I think I did it in an evening. It has a great design running up to the top, to give it some great interest. The pattern uses a sport weight yarn, which makes it warm, but not overly so. It’s great if you live in a more temperate climate where it gets cold, but not frigid. I used Ornaghi Filati Camel Hair yarn. It was a bit too fuzzy for this project, but it still feels nice.


Pushmi Pullyu socks

These socks were so much fun to knit. They are really a simple vanilla type sock that is great for a quick knit, and if you are just starting out. The fun arises in the construction. Instead of finishing at the cuff of the sock and then getting second sock syndrome, these socks keep going. You work a couple rows with a scrap yarn, and then go right into sock two. But, this time you work from the cuff to the toe. It’s great. They will work great with any yarn, since there is no patterning in the sock. I chose a yarn with a great stripe in it. The yarn is Continuum Self Striping from String Theory Colorworks in the Carbon colorway. I love their sock yarns. Their stripes are magic. Well, not really magic. They work really hard with their measurements and things to get the stripes to be perfect.


Where to begin?!

Oh my, I haven’t posted here in ages! Sorry about that. This summer we went from calm and relaxed business as usual to full steam renovations. We redid the kitchen and the master bathroom/bedroom. Thanks to that upheaval, we were out of 80% of our house for 3 months, and living mostly in our basement. Not fun! We came upstairs mostly to just sleep. Our bed was moved into the guest room, and J still had his office. That was it for the top two floors of our house. Everything was in the basement. Oh, we did have the other bathrooms available. Yay! lol

So, what have I been doing? Well, apart from yelling at contractors, I have made some time to knit. I have been updating the Patterns page, but not so much updating what I am working on. The pink sweater in the last post still is not complete. sigh

I made a cute cowl out of cashmere. I can’t for the life of me remember what the pattern was. My brain is all fogged out from a cold, but when I remember I’ll be sure to post it. It was a simple pattern that I made with a kit I purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool a number of years back. It’s so nice! And now that it’s chilly outside I can actually think about wearing it.

I made J a pair of fingerless mittens out of Neighborhood Fiber Co’s, Baltimore Orioles yarn. J is a bit O’s fan, so this was up his ally. The pattern is quick and simple knit, but is fantastic for cozy fingerless mittens. The designer Stephanie C Haberman did a great job on them.


I also finished a Christmas present for my mom. This is a Gamine Vest which turned out great. I used Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the arctic colorway. I love how it looks. Now I just have to get it mailed off to her.

I think that’s it for my regular knitting stuff. The rest is all test knits or design work. Off to update the other tabs! Thanks for reading!

Featured Design Sale for October!

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