Swallowtail Butterfly

When we got home today, there were a couple Swallowtail butterflies in the bushes, so J ran in and grabbed my camera for me. The little guys hung out long enough for me to take a couple pictures. Some were too blurry, because they were flying from flower to flower to get their lunch, but a couple turned out well. 😀


Up and Running

It’s been a while since I had planned to get going on all things photography. But, life has a way of getting crazy. However, I have finally managed to get started. Part of it is finding a platform. A big deterrent in my getting started was the idea of how to get the product out the door. If only I had a way that people could order and someone else would do the work. Enter Society6. Depending on the art that is uploaded, the artist can choose what their art will be used to create. Such as wall hangings, bath mats, curtains, pillows, iphone cases, etc. There are a lot of options. I’m working on my editing to get the images to the sizes needed to add other products to the list, but I have been able to make them available for various types and sizes of wall art, mugs, phone cases, etc. Here are the examples of the images I have been able to upload so far:

Pink Flowrs 3//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Rose Bush//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

pink flowers 2//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


I will of course be adding more photo’s as I go, and I will post them here. Until then, be sure to check out my store!

How To’s

Welcome to my “How To” section. My goal over the next few months will be to start writing up some detailed posts on various topics, such as how to do a heel turn on a sock, or how a sweater is constructed. I am hoping to get a number of topics covered to help people when getting started on a new skill.

Chocolate Cupcake Shawl

Another new release! This is my Chocolate Cupcake Shawl. It gets its name from the yarn I used. It reminded me of a chocolate cupcake with an espresso frosting. This design is a higher level of difficulty. There are no rest rows with this pattern. Every single row has increases and decreases to create the tight pattern look that I wanted. It definitely is not travel knitting, because your attention will be needed. However, it the design on the shawl is written to be repeated as many times as you want. If you are looking for a much larger shawl, just keep repeating until it is the size you desire. For a shorter shawlette, just do fewer repeats. The information on the amount of yarn needed will vary depending on how large you want your shawl I used 2 skeins of the Freia Ombré Sport in the espresso colorway to create the shawl pictured here. Also, to get the gradient pictured below, I started skein one from the light end and knit until the end, then I started skein two from the dark end to match where the first one ended.

Cupcake shawl 2

Cupcake shawl 1

Speckled Mitts

I was so distracted with the holidays, that I completely dropped the ball on here! Time for me to play catch up. I released a couple new patterns at the end of November. First up is Speckled Mitts. These were fingerless mittens I designed for a friend. They are a simple two stitch pattern that is very easy to remember. It gives a thicker fabric, but does leave some air holes, so they aren’t overly warm. I love the feel of the texture of these mitts. I hope you love them, too!


GAL 2018

It is almost that time of year. When gifting starts to consume a large part of our brain. To help with that, the 6th annual Gift-a-long is here! You will see stuff from hundreds of designers, and there is a great chat group going that is helping to encourage each other to get those gifts out quickly. If you are interested in joining the gift-a-long group head over to Ravelry! I have also signed up to be one of the participating designers. It should be a lot of fun!

There are even lots of lovely prizes that can be won! But, you have to be a group member to fully participate in that. All the details are at the link I shared above. 😀

My Post


Welcome to my wood burning project area. I plan to post my latest projects that have been completed. When things are listed for sale, I will also direct you to where you can buy them. I am currently working on a run of keychains to get my stock of those up. I will also be working on ornaments and things that I hope to get up in the next couple months. Of course, I will also have larger wall hanging type things for house decor. Stay tuned!!