Summer Evening Tee

New Release! Summer Evening Tee is a sport weight tee with a lace bottom that is designed to be worn on warm summer evenings. The cap sleeves give breathing room under the arms, to help with your comfort level. I have provided basic measurements for everything, however I went deeper on the bust measurements. Since every woman is different when it comes to bust size, I have given instructions on how to tailor the bust for your size. This will allow you to tailor it for your cup size, and have a tee that is comfortable and flattering.

IMG_1379 (2)

IMG_1378 (2)

The Secret Garden Socks

I have released another sock pattern. This one, called The Secret Garden Socks feature rosebud flowers that flow up the foot and legs. Instead of a traditional knit bobble, I have use a crocheted version. This means that the bobble that represents the bud will be a fluffy part of yarn, instead of a hard ball. This also makes it ideal for use on a foot. The socks will be much easier to wear in shoes, compared to having regular bobbles.

The inspiration came from a club yarn I received a few months ago. It was from Into the Whirled, and is the Pakokku sock line, in the Yes! Encouragement colorway. It was such fun, bright colors that it just needed somewhere to shine. As I looked through different designs, it felt like most patterns would just fade away. So, I needed something that had the strength to not only compete with the color, but hold its own. The rosebud pattern does just that. The rosebud also makes the socks a bit thicker with the leaves and bobbles, so it makes them a great sock for cooler weather.

I hope you all enjoy this pattern!


Dragon Scale Scarf

New Release! Let me introduce my latest scarf. This is my Dragon Scale scarf. It has a wandering design that runs the length of the scarf to create a motif that looks like dragon scales. With this lace, and the yarn I used, it has a light airy feeling. While being thick and warm, it still has a bit of air flow, which allows it to be worn on days that aren’t quite as cold.

For this scarf, I used Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Worsted yarn. It only used a single skein of yarn, which was fabulous. The spring on this yarn is amazing. I knit the scarf to 64″ long, but when I did the wet blocking it ended up at 82″. An amazing amount of stretch. I am going to love this when we start seeing those cold days coming through.


Moss Brioche Cowl

New Release! This is my Moss Brioche Cowl. This cowl is designed to be reversible, which means it has some different brioche stitches to make it work in the round. The brioche gives the cowl a fluffy appearance, while also allowing a heavily variegated yarn to be the star. If you aren’t using a variegated yarn? Then the brioche gets its time to shine. This cowl is knit with a single skein of sport weight yarn, approximately 335 yds. I designed the cowl to use up as much of this skein as possible, to create as little left over as possible. This will involve a bit of calculating as you go, just to make sure you are left with enough to work the bind off.



We are starting to get towards the end of the week, and that means the end of the work on the foundation. They should be done by the end of tomorrow. They are a bit behind, because things are taking longer than expected. Inspection was supposed to be today, but it will be moved to tomorrow. Which is fine. Better to do things right, rather than rush to meet an inspection deadline. Thanks to the early mornings, my RA has flared. I’m hurting a lot, but it will pass once I get to rest.

Unfortunately, with all this work, the basement is trashed. They took all the wall drywall down. It was supposed to be just a couple feet, but it’s all gone. However, that meant that they did the water proofing membrane all the way up the wall. So that’s pretty awesome. But, this is how the main part of the basement looks right now:


As for my craft room. Oh dear. It’s in a similar state. But, the guys were awesome. I only prepped for a couple feet, so I left all my decoration up top that were stuck to the wall. I had butterflies and flowers all stuck up there. They took the time to peel each one off. How amazing are they? I was bummed about everything, then J found the pile of flowers and butterflies sitting on my cabinet with my other stuff. 😀 They earn an A+ in my book.



The other fun part of them taking down all the drywall is that we got to see the studs underneath. This was absolutely not done by a professional. And if it was, they should be fired. I kid you not, one of the studs was made from two pieces of floor molding stuck together. Other parts were old painted 2X4’s from who knows where. They were all used before and were discolored from having been wet at some point. Also, you can see in craft room photo one, that the wall is dangling. It wasn’t actually attached to the ceiling joists in any way. It was just standing there. So, when the bottom studs were cut for the guys to work, it was held up by the drywall, and then dangling. lol It’s all pretty laughable. I have to laugh, otherwise I would cry. It’s a disaster down there. The floor is gone all around the edge, there are tunnels under doors, and huge 3 foot deep holes for the sumps. But, it will work out. After this the basement will be dry. We’ll get someone in to finish the demo and rebuild. It will take a long time, and I don’t expect to have my craft room back until some time this winter. But, we’ll get there. We just have to do a little at a time, because this is going to cost us a lot of money.

But, in better news, I have a pattern that is about to go into testing. I’m finishing up sock 2 now.


Now it’s time to head off to drink my coffee. It’s already after 1pm, so I should really get caffeinated. 😀 Thanks for reading!

Busy week

Things are truckin’ along here. I managed to get my file off to my tech editor over the weekend. Yay! I know there are issues with it, and I also forgot to add the section about putting the ribbon on the t-shirt. lol But, it’s a good start. 😀 Thanks to the big push to get the tee done and the pattern emailed off, it triggered a nice case of finish-it-up-itis. That means I am really pushing to get things done. Another reason for the push to get things done is the wip basket. Oh dear…the wip basket. I have it sitting up here by my desk.


The pink zigzag basket is all the wip’s that I found so far. There could be more hiding in bags around the house. lol This basket is not small. It’s sitting on top of a bar fridge, and is about 3 layers deep. So many things! The brown basket to the left has some quilting stuff in it, but the pink and white squares on top is a double knit blanket I am working on. I have 12/20ish squares complete so far. I say “ish” because I don’t know if 20 squares will result in the size blanket I would like. More squares may be needed.

I released these socks a while ago. They are my Lace Argyle socks. The poor second sock sat there just waiting for me to finish it. The last two days I worked on it as quickly as I could, and I managed to get it finished. Yay! Finally something else off my to do list.


I am also working on a pair of socks that will be a gift. They are my Leaves Galore socks, but they aren’t completed yet. I am on the gusset of sock two. So stay tuned for that one in the coming days.

With all the work being done around here, I am replacing my office desk. This is the one in the main office, not the one in the studio. I am using the studio for inspiration though. Desks have become so expensive and I can never find one I like. My current one broke almost immediately. Absolute junk. So, I bought a dining table that is 60″ long, 34″ deep and 30″ tall. Big, but not that big. My current desk is 59″ long, so it won’t take up too much more space, other than how far it sticks out from the wall. It should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately with the desk I bought a matching printer stand. I seriously just assembled the printer stand today. I bought it last July. It’s been quite a rough winter for me. lol But, it’s assembled!!


There is a door to go on it, but I am planning on using the whole thing to hold paper, so the door will be in the way. So, we’ll leave it open.

We also put together a cabinet a couple days ago for the laundry room. It gives us a bit more room in there. We took down two hanging cabinets to put this in its place. I have to paint around the top of it now, but I’ll do that later. 😀


Other than that, we’re about to start gutting the basement. That’s on for tomorrow. We need to at least pull out and pile up the things for the junk guys to take. They come on Wedesday.

Phew! I’m already thinking about bed time! But, there is hockey on in an hour, and it’s the Playoffs baby!! hehe That will be some quality knitting time.


One of the fun parts of designing are the do overs. Okay, fun is the wrong word. Perhaps frustrating beyond words would be more appropriate, possibly with some colorful unladylike language. lol Sometimes the mistakes happen in the actual drafting of the pattern portion. Sometimes they happen during the knit. Other time you put on the finished item and it doesn’t fit. I’ve had a couple of these just today. So, my new t-shirt design doesn’t fit me. I’ve already altered the design to fix this. The problem is that it’s done and knit and isn’t long enough for the bust. sigh I’m hoping I can salvage it. I’m not sure how, though. The problem is that the button band is super high. I needed another 1.5-2″ in length from the button band to the armhole.

Then I’m working on a new sock design. I already found a problem when knitting it, so I’m now trying to fix the pattern to match it. The problem is that the pattern is actually 23 pages long. Yep. 23 pages. Oh my. The first 7 pages don’t need altering, but every single page past that does. I have 3 finished. I’ll be here for a bit.

I also started a new pattern today on top of those for a pair of socks. They will be toe up with an oyster stitch to look like flowers going up the leg. I think. I’m still not 100% sure on that pattern. I want something flowery, but I’m not sure this is going to fit the bill. It’s actually going to be paired with a yarn from a yarn club that is on its way to me. I think it’s supposed to be delivered Saturday, so I have some time.

That is a glimpse into the level of work the designs take. That t-shirt for example has been going for about 2 months, and I haven’t even started the tech edit portion, let alone the testing. The socks go faster, since it’s quicker for me to knit. It usually takes about 2 months of work from start to finish to get them released. Time can start to feel very tight when you have more than one on the go. Right now, I also have the cowl in testing. So, I technically have those 4 things in full go mode. I also have the leaf scarf that is approaching my deadline for completing the sample….so make that 5 things in full go mode.

A friend mentioned earlier today that someone asked if she would “share” the pattern she used to make a blanket. She politely said no to them. I greatly appreciate that response. While this was not my design, it was someones hard work. We work for sometimes 6 months on a design (2 months has been my minimum), and only get to sell the for $6-10 (the socks I design are usually $4.50). Now think about how many times we need to sell that pattern for to make the money back on just our time. Now, consider the fact that we have to pay approximately $20 an hour for a tech editor in there, for a few hours of their time, at least. So, 6 months work plus the $60, plus the yarn, plus plus plus. Those little guys are a lot of our own money out the window before we see any return. So, please make sure to take that into consideration when looking at a persons pattern, and wondering if the price is worth it. Believe me, it’s terribly under priced.

Okay, I don’t really have pictures to go with today’s post, so here’s one of my cats. 😀 This is Daisy, and she really likes to pose with all the knit wear photos.