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Hi everyone! So, things are going to be changing around here a little bit. I am going to be integrating more products on to the website here. That means more things! I had reverted to just patterns only, but I’m going to go back to having finished goods as well. Unfortunately I put everything on Etsy and they have messed up my banking situation there and I can no longer sell on there. Selling finished good internationally is going to be an issue, but I will work on an alternative. I am currently contemplating putting things over on Payhip for that as well. I just need to review things over there and consider the logistics. I will be selling to the US and Canada for now.

Be sure to stay tuned to updates on what items get added. I will be having an additional store search feature for finished goods to keep them separate from the patterns as best I can. But, all of this will bring additional things to the store, and not taking anything away. I want to get all my items in one store to get things more streamlined and in my control. 😀

Thank you everyone for your support!

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