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With summer winding down, I am going to start up my monthly posts of featured patterns. I’ll do 2 or 3 each time, depending on whether I have any new releases. Things have gotten quiet enough for me to get back to my work routine. 😀 This months featured patterns are going to be things that will help with gearing up for winter. They all will make great gifts, but will also be great to keep for yourself to keep your warm as the summer temperatures give way to the colder nights of fall.

First up is my Leaf Slouchy. This hat is a great slouchy for the fall. It’s a thicker yarn, but is a lacy design which will keep your warm, but not as warm as a winter hat. You can also make the hat as slouchy as you would like. It is also available in 3 sizes (19″, 21″ and 23″ head circumference), to allow you to make a comfortable fitting hat. The leaf motif makes them great for anyone in your life. I went with a large leaf motif on this hat to make it a simple pattern where the leaf pops, as opposed to being too busy with a plethora of leaves.


Next up is my Ripple Socks. These socks have a cable feature that gives a ripple like effect. These also have 3 sizes (7.5″, 8.5″, 9.5″ foot circumference), to get as good a fit as possible. I love the texture that these socks have. It gives a lovely movement to the socks without making a super busy pattern. It makes them great for anyone.


Lastly, is a pair of fingerless mittens. These are my Rhombus Rhuckus Mittens. The fabric of these is a bit thicker than a normal knit pattern, because of all the leaning stitches. But, they are knit in a fingering weight yarn, so they are still light enough for fall evenings or cool days. I love that this pattern is not gender specific. It can be made for yourself or anyone in your personal circle for a gift. As with the other two patterns above, these also have three sizes available (7″, 8″, 9″ hand circumference).


I hope you enjoyed taking a look through these patterns!

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