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The last couple months have been super busy. First, I decided to sign up and participate in Sock Madness this year for the first time. This is a competition to knit socks as fast as you can, and try to beat others in your group for a spot in the next round. In addition to fast, you also have to be accurate. The socks have requirements that have to be met to ensure that every one is making the same thing. We’re about to go into Round 3, and I have a spot in that round already. Right now I have a few days left of down time before the next round starts, so I am getting as much done as I can.

First of all, the garden is in. We still have some mulch to buy and put in place, but the plants and seeds are all in place. That means we are in maintenance mode there for a couple months. We should see some seedlings popping up in about a week. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice. 😀



The shrubs on the sides will all be mulched when we are done, along with between the planters. The shrubs are both screens as well as pollinators. We wanted to make it look nicer than just having metal planters, and we needed the pollinator garden. That is supposed to help with vegetable yield. I know right now that the bees and butterflies have been very busy!!

IMG_2229 (2)
IMG_2194 (2)

On top of that, we have the qualifier round, plus two rounds of Sock Madness socks that are complete (ignore the red thread in the second photo. I needed that for the moderators to be able to count):


And yes, those last socks have pockets. 😀

I also made an extra pair of socks in there. These are Vanilla is the New Black by Anneh Fletcher:

I finished my Sea Glass Tee by Wool and Pine, that I started last summer:

And I also finished Joe’s Edinburgh Sweater, by Kate Bostwick:
IMG_2239 (2)

I’ve been just as busy as those little bees! I am also hoping to finish the edits on a blanket that has finished tested and get that released in a couple weeks. It needs a good look over by me to make sure I have everything up to par before it goes for it’s last edits. 😀

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the work that is going on around here. It has been a lot of fun being able to just knit without a reason. Sometimes that is just the rest we need to get those creative juices going again. And now that the garden is going I’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy that soon.

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