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I had a very busy January. I did a lot of work and managed to get 3 hats and a blanket finished. Two of the hats have now been released, with the third hat going up shortly. Every January, my hockey knitting group does a Hat Trick January. That means three finished hats during the month. I tend to do at least one of those as my own pattern, but this year I did all three as my own design.

Hat number 1 is my Memento Mori hat. Memento Mori is the practice of remembering your death. It’s not as morbid as it sounds, but is more about keeping your focus on what really matters. For Christians that will mean focusing on doing what you need to get to heaven. This is traditionally displayed as a skull and bones, but I chose to just do the skull for this hat. Even though it was my intention for it to be related to Memento Mori, you can obviously just alter the coloring and make it more of your style. Whether that be something more like Day of the Dead or Halloween, or just a great skull hat. 😀 Since this hat was more for Lent, I went with the skull color of purple.


Hat number 2 is a fun bobble hat. This is my Bubble Gum Hat. The bobbles add a fun playful design to the hat. They were designed to bring a smile to peoples faces. 😀


In the near future you’ll see a color work hat being listed and a log cabin style blanket. I also have a few other projects in the works, but I am still knitting those samples. Stay tuned!!

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