Studio Renovation!

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We are finally moving forward on the basement renovation, which means in a month or so I will finally have a completed studio. I don’t remember how much I talked about the basement issues, but it was a mess down there. Our weeping system let go, which lead to repeated flooding’s in the basement. My craft room and storage was down there, and in the end I lost a lot of stuff. That was mostly due to the foundation company leaving holes to outside that allowed some mice in, and you can imagine how that went. We found the holes, got everything buttoned up down there, and it’s also been bone dry for well over a year. Now we are finally moving forward. It’s been hard to get our heads into getting all that fixed, because of the sheer frustration and absolute nightmare the whole thing has been. Since Covid is still an issue, the crew is in the basement only, with their own bathroom, and we interact as little as humanly possible…and even then we are very distanced. Which is good, because they just sick with Covid and have been off the job for a couple weeks. But, they are now back and working, and thankfully everyone has recovered. We have a huge laundry list of safety measures in place, so all is well in our household. 🙂 I’m a bit of a germaphobe (a lot of a germaphobe), so disinfecting is really high on the daily list of chores.

Anyway! We are at a point now where I can share progress pictures. First up was the demolition. They took down what was left of the drywall on the ceiling and took out the remaining studs. The studs were all cut off and left hanging about 2′ off the floor. That was fun. lol But, it was cleaned up and we were left with the plastic stuff on the walls for the internal weeping system we had installed.


Then they put up walls! Real full walls again!


Next up was the new back door. We had a new one put in with all new framing because it had taken a beating with the flooding and things.


Isn’t she nice?! Next we have the insulation. That was put in last week. This is as far as we have gotten so far. The guys will be back this upcoming week to do some cross bracing of the joists to help with the squeaking and noisy floors. I’ll be doing some work down there this week, myself, trying to fix the floors in the kitchen. I’m hoping I can fix the issue of the bouncing in the floors, which is related to the floors bouncing up and down when you walk over them. My plan is to go from underneath and grab the staples that are through the subfloor, in the hopes of bending them over. If I can’t grab them, I’ll put something heavy on the kitchen floor to weight it down and just hammer over a bunch of the staples to hold it. Fingers crossed it helps. 😀


That’s all to report from the studio. I have already made a bunch of purchases for lights and things, so I’m very anxious to be able to get down there and start doing the decorating. 😀

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