A Recap of 2020

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Well, I don’t think 2020 was what anyone expected. It seemed like a great way to reset and start over. We didn’t realize just how much that would ring true. Many of us had to adjust our way of living, the way we work, and how we interreacted with people. I am lucky that I work for myself, which meant I was already at home. But, what I didn’t anticipate was the mental struggle that would ensue. I did make some good use of my time though. I decided to continue with my plan of going through and editing all my patterns that were not already tech edited. That was going to mean a large expense on my part, but I felt it was important to make sure that the integrity of all my work was at the same level. So, onward I trudged. I manage to get all but 4 of my patterns edited. Those last 4 will be worked on over the next couple weeks, and then will go off to my editor. In addition to all that editing, I also did a complete redesign of my Winter Storm Socks, and my Diamonds at Sea Socks . Both of these patterns were redesigned, and made to look much better. I also made new samples for better pictures of those patterns. The Winter Storm Socks also had all three sizes reworked, because as I started to dive into edits, I realized that I had some very fatal flaws in that pattern. All has been fixed, and it is better than ever!

Over this year I have tried to keep up with my regular releases as well. I managed to release 9 patterns. That is less than I wanted, but I had a few months where I’m not even sure I could remember my own name if I were asked. So, 9 seems pretty good. Also, that did include a couple patterns. I have one more sweater that has been held up in editing, so it won’t get out by year end. Also, I have one more sweater that is about to go to editing, so I’ll already have 2 to start 2021. 😀 I was able to get out some cute sock patterns, which I was very happy about. As well as a shawl pattern that has been in my head for well over a year. The Ice Queen Wrap was in my head for a while, and I already knew what yarn I was going to use. Thankfully I was able to finish that this year and get it published as well. I think my Wave over Wave sweater is one of my favorites. I wear that all the time. It’s oversized and cozy, but has some holes for breathability. I am hot all the time, so that makes this sweater perfect!

For 2021, I have similar goals as I did for 2020. Mostly I want to try and release 12 patterns this year. I am hoping I can hit that number, but if I do only sweaters and shawls/wraps that will be hard to do. If I’m smart I will make sure to make time for socks and fingerless mittens. Although, I do have plans for a cowl already. lol! At least that won’t take me too long to do, and should only be about 4 pages for the pattern. That’s not horrible. In addition to the patterns, I want to increase my social media presence. I would like to do a blog post every week, maybe every other week. I would like to continue my “how to knit” series. I have already started the next post for that, on how to work cables. Perhaps I will start a new series on how to knit sweaters. I already have a series on socks, so that might be a good way to go. I just thought of what to add in that cable blog post. I think I will create a dish cloth that can be knit by anyone working along with the tutorial. I need to take pictures anyway, so that sounds perfect.

My other hope for 2021 is better health. My back freaked out, and we can’t get it fixed. I’ve been working with a chiropractor, but it’s still pretty bad. I have to limit the amount of time I sit, and if I’m not sitting, I’m mostly laying down. That makes knitting complicated. It’s going to be hard to meet my goals if I can’t knit. But, I’m putting one foot in front of the other and doing all my stretches and exercises with hopes of feeling better very soon!

Well, I think that is it for the recap of this past year. I hope you and yours are all safe and healthy!

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