Slowly getting things done

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Hello!! As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve started a new endeavor. I’ve started selling essential oils. I’m just getting started, so you might get a few more posts over there compared to normal. Sorry about that. But, I assure you that while that is also one of my businesses, the crafty stuff is still number one. So on that front, I’ve been working hard to get things done. The design stuff is in the off-season, as I mentioned last time. But, ti’s only off-season when it comes to releases. I actually have two things still on the go. Other than that, let’s see what I have done.

First, here are mittens that will be going into testing in the new year. These are currently called Speckled Mitts, but we’ll see if that name sticks.


This is really the only finished product right now, but that’s okay. I’ve been pretty busy. I will hopefully have a finished pair of socks this weekend. Oh, and I’ll have a post shortly regarding a test knit I just finished for YONY. Watch for that soon!

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