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Today’s oil review is Purification. I received this when I bought the Thieves oil cleaning kit. I got a little bucket, thieves cleaner, and a bunch of nice oils that are great for making the house smell fresh. When I saw the Purification blend, I set it aside in the little oil carry bag I got, and there it sat. Then a week ago, I was finding my laundry was smelling yucky. I had run out of a cleaning product that contained tea tree oil, and thought, well I need to reorder that. But, maybe I have something around the house already. I had some tea tree, but it was from the grocery store and smelled kind of weird…more like a chemical. I saw the Purification blend sitting there, so I checked to see what was in it. Hmm. It has Tea Tree in it already. It also has things in it like Citronella, Rosemary and Lemongrass, and smells really nice. So, I went and got my laundry in the machine and put my usual vinegar into the fabric softener spot, and added 4 drops of Purification to the laundry.

The result was great. The washer smells fresh, which is not always the case with a front load. But, better still, the laundry smelled amazing, and had zero vinegar smell. The entire laundry room smells fresh and lovely, which is hard to do, because the kitty litter box is in there. haha! Even out of the dryer the laundry still smelled great. I had been using lavender in my vinegar, but after things came out of the dryer, my clothes seemed like they smelled sweaty. Not attractive.

I definitely recommend Purification for in the laundry to give it a nice smell, and to help clean off all those yucky smells that tend to accumulate on our clothes. As for the vinegar in the laundry…well, I’ve used that for years for one main reason. My clothes and towels didn’t feel soft after washing. I didn’t want to use fabric softener, because it creates a film on the towels and makes them less absorbent, and also creates a film on the dryer lint trap. I had to keep washing the lint trap to make sure it didn’t cause any sort of over heating or worse, a fire. But, vinegar on itself can make clothes stinky, and it takes a bit for the vinegar smell to dissipate. Purification makes quick work of that smell, and knocks out all the musty/mildew smells that can exist in the front load washers. I highly recommend it.

*As always, these are my personal views. And this is really just one of the uses for Purification, but it’s the only one I have tested, so far.

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