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First up on the Young Living front is NingXia Red. This is a happy bottle of juice and oils that helps to promote good health. It’s full of lots of good stuff that are just generally good for you, like Wolfberry juice, blueberry juice, etc. I have been drinking 1/4 Cup of this every morning and evening. I’m not a fan of the texture, even though it’s really not that bad. The taste is good, but it’s almost a bit like a tomato juice in texture. I just don’t deal well with textures I’m not familiar with. So, I dilute it with just some water, maybe another 1/4 C and drink. For me personally, I found out that someone with RA was drinking it to help with that. Since I’m not able to do any RA meds right now, I thought what the heck. Either I get some juice into me for just general vitamin qualities, or it helps.

Turns out it actually helps. After just a few days I woke up with no pain. That’s just not a thing. And since my pain levels are down to almost a 0, my BP went down. My blood pressure is really connected to my pain levels. If I’m in a lot of pain I am really tense and my body is stressed, and my blood pressure shoots up. If I have little pain, my blood pressure is more normal. For the first time in months, my BP was normal today. 109/74. Is it the NingXia, or just a good half week? I don’t know. But, let’s just say I haven’t had a good week in about 10 years. lol It’s usually a good day, or a good afternoon. I’ll report back more on this once I’m farther in. It’s been less than a week on it at this point. My husband is drinking the same concoction once a day. He has a bad knee, and OA all over the place. Yesterday he squatted down to check the status of the Halloween candy and then got back up. Then he realized what he had just done. One questionable thing right now, is that he is in bed right now. I worry because his liver is easily annoyed. But, Wolfberry is supposedly good for the liver, so we’ll see how he does. Perhaps his body is trying to cleanse. We start very low on anything with oils for him, because I worry. So, we’ll see how he is. Perhaps he just isn’t sleeping well, and needs the rest. It’s also yucky weather out there, and his hands have been swollen lately. The OA might just be having a fit.

So, for now, NingXia seems like it’s great. I’ll continue to evaluate it going forward. I am happy with how my system is reacting to it right now, though. Anything that can give me even a short reprieve is great in my books.

*These are all personal experiences only. The FDA has not verified any claims to the benefits of this product. Never stop taking any medications without your doctors consent, and always check with your doctors if you are taking medications to make sure there are no negative interactions.

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