Dragon Scale Scarf

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New Release! Let me introduce my latest scarf. This is my Dragon Scale scarf. It has a wandering design that runs the length of the scarf to create a motif that looks like dragon scales. With this lace, and the yarn I used, it has a light airy feeling. While being thick and warm, it still has a bit of air flow, which allows it to be worn on days that aren’t quite as cold.

For this scarf, I used Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Worsted yarn. It only used a single skein of yarn, which was fabulous. The spring on this yarn is amazing. I knit the scarf to 64″ long, but when I did the wet blocking it ended up at 82″. An amazing amount of stretch. I am going to love this when we start seeing those cold days coming through.


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