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We are starting to get towards the end of the week, and that means the end of the work on the foundation. They should be done by the end of tomorrow. They are a bit behind, because things are taking longer than expected. Inspection was supposed to be today, but it will be moved to tomorrow. Which is fine. Better to do things right, rather than rush to meet an inspection deadline. Thanks to the early mornings, my RA has flared. I’m hurting a lot, but it will pass once I get to rest.

Unfortunately, with all this work, the basement is trashed. They took all the wall drywall down. It was supposed to be just a couple feet, but it’s all gone. However, that meant that they did the water proofing membrane all the way up the wall. So that’s pretty awesome. But, this is how the main part of the basement looks right now:


As for my craft room. Oh dear. It’s in a similar state. But, the guys were awesome. I only prepped for a couple feet, so I left all my decoration up top that were stuck to the wall. I had butterflies and flowers all stuck up there. They took the time to peel each one off. How amazing are they? I was bummed about everything, then J found the pile of flowers and butterflies sitting on my cabinet with my other stuff. 😀 They earn an A+ in my book.



The other fun part of them taking down all the drywall is that we got to see the studs underneath. This was absolutely not done by a professional. And if it was, they should be fired. I kid you not, one of the studs was made from two pieces of floor molding stuck together. Other parts were old painted 2X4’s from who knows where. They were all used before and were discolored from having been wet at some point. Also, you can see in craft room photo one, that the wall is dangling. It wasn’t actually attached to the ceiling joists in any way. It was just standing there. So, when the bottom studs were cut for the guys to work, it was held up by the drywall, and then dangling. lol It’s all pretty laughable. I have to laugh, otherwise I would cry. It’s a disaster down there. The floor is gone all around the edge, there are tunnels under doors, and huge 3 foot deep holes for the sumps. But, it will work out. After this the basement will be dry. We’ll get someone in to finish the demo and rebuild. It will take a long time, and I don’t expect to have my craft room back until some time this winter. But, we’ll get there. We just have to do a little at a time, because this is going to cost us a lot of money.

But, in better news, I have a pattern that is about to go into testing. I’m finishing up sock 2 now.


Now it’s time to head off to drink my coffee. It’s already after 1pm, so I should really get caffeinated. 😀 Thanks for reading!

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