Busy week

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Things are truckin’ along here. I managed to get my file off to my tech editor over the weekend. Yay! I know there are issues with it, and I also forgot to add the section about putting the ribbon on the t-shirt. lol But, it’s a good start. 😀 Thanks to the big push to get the tee done and the pattern emailed off, it triggered a nice case of finish-it-up-itis. That means I am really pushing to get things done. Another reason for the push to get things done is the wip basket. Oh dear…the wip basket. I have it sitting up here by my desk.


The pink zigzag basket is all the wip’s that I found so far. There could be more hiding in bags around the house. lol This basket is not small. It’s sitting on top of a bar fridge, and is about 3 layers deep. So many things! The brown basket to the left has some quilting stuff in it, but the pink and white squares on top is a double knit blanket I am working on. I have 12/20ish squares complete so far. I say “ish” because I don’t know if 20 squares will result in the size blanket I would like. More squares may be needed.

I released these socks a while ago. They are my Lace Argyle socks. The poor second sock sat there just waiting for me to finish it. The last two days I worked on it as quickly as I could, and I managed to get it finished. Yay! Finally something else off my to do list.


I am also working on a pair of socks that will be a gift. They are my Leaves Galore socks, but they aren’t completed yet. I am on the gusset of sock two. So stay tuned for that one in the coming days.

With all the work being done around here, I am replacing my office desk. This is the one in the main office, not the one in the studio. I am using the studio for inspiration though. Desks have become so expensive and I can never find one I like. My current one broke almost immediately. Absolute junk. So, I bought a dining table that is 60″ long, 34″ deep and 30″ tall. Big, but not that big. My current desk is 59″ long, so it won’t take up too much more space, other than how far it sticks out from the wall. It should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately with the desk I bought a matching printer stand. I seriously just assembled the printer stand today. I bought it last July. It’s been quite a rough winter for me. lol But, it’s assembled!!


There is a door to go on it, but I am planning on using the whole thing to hold paper, so the door will be in the way. So, we’ll leave it open.

We also put together a cabinet a couple days ago for the laundry room. It gives us a bit more room in there. We took down two hanging cabinets to put this in its place. I have to paint around the top of it now, but I’ll do that later. 😀


Other than that, we’re about to start gutting the basement. That’s on for tomorrow. We need to at least pull out and pile up the things for the junk guys to take. They come on Wedesday.

Phew! I’m already thinking about bed time! But, there is hockey on in an hour, and it’s the Playoffs baby!! hehe That will be some quality knitting time.

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