Last August we had a flood in our basement. The stairwell outside got full of water and came in through the door. That meant all the carpet was pulled out, and we had a bunch of fans and dehumidifiers down there for a week. Unfortunately, this is also the home of my craft room, which we finished just a couple months earlier. The disaster assistance crew only took out the wet carpet, so I was left with 3/4 of my craft room carpet. sigh Then about a month ago, more water. We had already fixed the door and things, and this was more like a pool in the middle of the room. Turns out the small crack in the floor that we were monitoring suddenly opened and water came in from the floor. Ugh! Again, the craft room was hit with water. We call in the foundation guys, and when he went downstairs and put down the laser level he sighed. That can’t be good. It wasn’t. The floor was compromised. We’re now 2 weeks out from the foundation guys coming in to jackhammer our basement to put in an internal weeping system, since the one outside seems to have failed. Plus they are going to pump stuff under the floor to hopefully raise it, but it will at least fill any gaps and keep it from dropping any farther.

All that leads up to this mess. This is the dining room. In order for the floor to be demo’d, the rooms need to have all their stuff pushed to the interior walls. They only need to put the weeping system on exterior walls. But, it’s damp down there, and I needed to get all the yarn out. This is most of it. I think I have a couple tubs down there that still need to come up, but it wasn’t the “nice” yarn, so to speak. hehe

The dining room is a disaster! Plus we’ve been working on computers, which takes up a bunch of table space. I did usurp the table today though, and cleaned up the computer parts. I needed to get my latest design sample blocked. I’m working on a t-shirt with a lace bottom, and short row cap type sleeves. I’ve finished knitting it, and now know how it’s blocking and how the size will work. That means tomorrow begins all the math for the rest of the sizes. From there, it will go in for tech editing and for testing. 😀


I also have a scarf that is in the process of getting knit. I’m falling behind on it, and with summer coming up quickly, it’s going to be tough to finish it before August. hehe The pattern itself is pretty simple and consists of leaves working their way along the scarf. I’m Knit Picks Preciosa, which is really divine to work with. It’s so soft and squishy. That’s what is keeping me going on this one. 🙂


I have a cowl that is in testing right now, that should be released in early July. The testing deadline is the end of June, but given that it’s a pretty quick knit I might get lucky and have everyone finished early. But, I’m not going to count on that. 😀 I’m also knitting it again myself to make sure it reads the way I want it to.



I have a fun project on the go as well. This is square 12 of 20 ish. All these squares are reversible (they are double knit), and will form a big ole blanket. 😀 It’s from the 2017 Yarnia Quest by Tania Richter of Epic Knits. I’ve been working through the entire quest, I took some time off for other things. I have a few other projects in this group to complete as well. But, this blanket takes priority. I really love it!


Okay, that’s enough project spam for today. I even managed to take a break from writing this to go do the dishes. haha! At least the kitchen is now clean, so I can say I have accomplished something other than knitting. But, since knitting is also work, it’s allowed to be the main accomplishment of the day. Especially when you get that t-shirt finally done and blocked!

Thanks for reading!

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