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I have decided to start up the blog portion of this website. As you can see from the headings above, you can jump to various categories for patterns, tests, etc. But, I didn’t have a place to ramble on about things I have completed just because, or things that are in the pipelines for patterns.Β  And since this is its own tab, and not the main landing page, you can ignore it if you so choose….but hopefully you won’t. πŸ™‚ hehe

First up, is an introduction of me. If you have been to the site before, then you have seen some of my designs already. But as for me personally, I’m Canadian born. I grew up in Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy, so the ocean is in my blood. I do tend to be a bit salty. πŸ˜‰ After meeting my husband and living in Canada for a bit, his mom took a turn for the worse in her health and we moved to Virginia to be closer to her. We have been slowly putting our lives back together after such an upheaval in everything.Β  We were fine with the move, but it’s just not the same anymore. In Nova Scotia, most of us adhere to what we call “dewdrop inn”…otherwise known as “do drop in”…or come on over anytime. That doesn’t exist around here as much, really. The other difficult part was it took almost 2 years to move down here. The Immigration process can be a bit lengthy, and there were government shut downs, etc etc. The fun part was that I had to travel across country to Montreal and hang out there for a week. I had a medical exam and an interview and all that good stuff. But, the medical had to be done 3 days before the appointment to ensure time for all the reports to get where they needed to be. Thankfully we were doing this in September, which meant pre-season hockey games! Yes, we’re hockey people. I know, so Canadian, right? hehe Well, I’m a big Montreal Canadiens fan, and we got super lucky to get tickets to 2 pre-season games!! It was so much fun. That was a big perk to being there a week.

Now in my 40’s, I’ve made a bunch of changes. I left my accounting job, and didn’t bother redoing cert’s to work down here. I could have, but I was so burnt out already. I became a housewife and settled in to life here. Of course, the first couple of years were being with the inlaws a lot and helping out. After my mother in law passed, we began to try finding our way again. We are slowly getting there. I was knitting a lot. A. Lot. Then I began to have an issue. I wanted to make something and had the idea in my head, but it didn’t exist in a pattern. So, I drew it up and wrote it out and ended up with the finished thing. I worked on it for a bit, and then actually published it! It was rough, and still needed polishing, but I went for it. After that, I was hooked. So, here I sit working on a blog post about publishing patterns and knitting. haha!

It’s funny how life changes. In addition to all that basic stuff of what I do, I also have some health things I’ve been trying to overcome. My doc diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis about 5 years ago. I deal with that 24/7. I had an issue with meds last year that ended up causing me to fall and break my leg. So, now I am going natural. Every med I try to take messes with me, so I gave up on those for now. Right now we are going through an elimination diet. Turns out I might have an issue with salicylates. I didn’t know what those even were until a few weeks ago. I guess every living plant has them as their own bug defense. They are just natural. But, some fruits and veg have more than others, and my body seems to hate them. It’s a common allergy/intolerance, so it’s easy to figure out what to eat or not eat. But, the biggest issue is not having spices. It’s bland city over here right now. But, it’s very worth it. I am feeling much better. I have energy, I’m sleeping better, pain levels have actually decreased, and I feel like doing things. πŸ˜€

I also wear a brace on my right leg from nerve damage as a baby (possibly from birth). For the most part, it’s just there, and helps me walk easier. I can walk without it, and don’t wear it in the house, but when I put shoes on, it just helps me get around and not trip. Last week when we went for groceries the kid at the check out had a bit of a conniption at seeing it. He was shocked and asked if I was okay in a way that was a bit embarrassing, actually. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but whatever. I mean, it was if I walked up to the register with my bone sticking out of my leg or something. I actually looked down to make sure I was still in one piece. I mean, I do have a lot of loss of feeling in that leg from the knee down, so who knew what was going on. lol

So ya, that’s me. πŸ˜€ Feel free to hang out and have some fun, or just browse through some patterns. The next post you see will be about something in testing, something about to be in testing, and some general in progress stuff. πŸ˜€

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