2017 Wind Down

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The past year has been great fun. I began my design business at the end of 2016, but really got things rolling in 2017. I managed to launch 7 patterns, and have one more that has finished testing and is ready to launch. I also have one more in the pipes that needs testing. That overlap is bound to happen every year, especially when dealing with gift knitting for Christmas. I have been honored to have some fantastic testers this past year. They have been so great to work with.

I have a great work space that I can now enjoy. That unfortunately meant things were put aside to get it done. We worked hard on two bedrooms upstairs to create my husbands office, and our art/design studio. Here is my work space before I put in all my stuff.


The studio is working great for me. I have a large table and lots of space to spread out all the papers. This has meant some new designs are just about finished their draft process, and are ready to be knit by me.

So, what does 2018 bring? Well, for starters, more patterns. I’m sure that the pattern needing launching, which is the Celtic Cable Cowl/Scarf will be delayed until sometime in January. The scarf still needs completion, and even though I knit on it every day it doesn’t seem to get any longer. It has to be getting longer, but it feels like it’s taking forever. I’m hoping one more week will see this scarf finished and get its fringe. Then it’s pictures, pattern edit, and launch.


The cowl has been done for quite some time. But, I just really need pictures of the scarf version.

I also have a pair of socks that I completely dropped the ball on. I am almost finished the first sock, and will be putting them up for testing in a few weeks. They don’t quite fit the 2018 theme of color, but as my husband says ‘they do have color’. hehe These are my number one to do after the scarf. Sort of. (Pardon the Moose pajamas. I don’t plan on putting on real pants today, at all. lol)


The sort of portion of those socks is that I am starting the knitting on a blanket design starting next week. It’s a log cabin style blanket, and fits with the 2018 theme of color. It will be color blocks that get picked up off the other blocks. The yarn for it has arrived already. I chose Knit Picks Brava Worsted for a couple reasons. One is that I already have the grey that I wanted to use, and two it’s machine washable to the nth degree. I love having a blanket that I don’t need to be concerned with. I want to just toss it in the washer. We also have 2 cats, so being able to easily wash it is a must. They love knit items and shed like crazy! This is all the yarn I purchased for the next two projects the balls are for the blanket, and the skeins are for a fingering weight double knit scarf.


Be sure to stay tuned as things get rolling for the new year. I hope everyone enjoys their New Years eve celebrations! Make it a safe one!

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