Finished Gifts

Now that the gifts have been opened, I can post about what I made my parents. Mom requested a vest, so I cast on Gamine for her. I used Madeline Tosh Vintage in the Arctic colorway, and was so happy with it! It’s a heck of a knit, with a ton of pattern, but is so nice. I absolutely loved the pattern.



My dad wanted warm gloves, so I ended up designing something for him. So many patterns just weren’t working out for me, so I decided to make something that seemed to fit what I wanted. Problem number 1 is that knit gloves are not that warm. The wind will go through the holes from the knit stitches very easily. My solution was to double the knit. I knit 4 gloves, and then put them with their wrong sides together. After stitching them in a few places to hold them together, I crocheted an edging to hold the wrists together and not have them looking ragged. I think they turned out okay, but it was not an easy endeavor. It took me a couple months of fooling around with them and knitting and frogging to finally get them to a stage that they A) looked like gloves, and B) would fit. It would have been easier if he had wanted mittens. hehe


Now I am on to socks for myself. I needed something else to work on, and ended up with a case of start-up-itis. I am making Take Five socks in my November 2017 sock club yarn from Into the Whirled.


Thanks for reading! I hope you have been enjoying your holidays, and that 2018 fulfills all your yarny dreams!

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