It’s about time!

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Well, it has taken me ages, but I am finally getting out to get some pictures. It’s limited still, but the holly tree out front is in full berry, so I had to grab some shots.  I have also pulled up some old pictures that are on this computer and have done an edit and watermark on them. The plan right now is to put up prints on Etsy. I haven’t decided if I will print them myself or not. Right now, I think I’ll go to a photo place to get them professionally printed, until I work out the kinks. I have no plans for framing at this stage. I don’t have the set up to make or store frames. Here is a peek at todays work.

IMG_1104 IMG_1104

Hopefully I’ll work through some more photos and get things transferred over to this main computer for editing. Slowly I will get things streamlined and things will be properly segmented.

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