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As you can imagine, projects can cover a wide gambit of topics. For me, it’s usually knitting related, but I am a general crafter, so I also do ceramics painting, wood working, crochetting, needlepoint, etc etc. I also do work around the house. J and I decided this past summer that we would do some renovations around the house. The first step was getting a contractor in for the big stuff that we just didn’t have the time for. That meant the contractor would take care of the kitchen and master bathroom.  We did the design for both, and they carried out the vision….with my overseeing and ever watchful eye. Those projects took way long than they should have, and here we are 2 months after the actual work completion, and the contractor has not collected his final payments on those jobs yet.I might regret using a contractor just a bit. sigh Oh well. Anyway, the rooms turned out really nice. We are really in love with our master bath. I can’t get it into a single picture, though, so here it is:

Untitled Untitled


As for the kitchen, it now has function and flow, which it was lacking before. We added the peninsula to give extra storage, and a place to use for baking. It has been awesome! (Just ignore all the papers and junk collecting on it right now. lol I’ll be cleaning later today. The pics are pre-junk, so we’re good. hehe)


We are apparently gluttons for punishment, because at the end of November we decided it was time to tackle the remaining two bedrooms upstairs. We knew it would be a lot of work, but we were up to it. We set aside two weeks to tear up the carpet and padding, and all the staples and tack strips. Then we had to put down new plywood on the sub floor. Of course, all the baseboards had to come up as well, seeing as how the building installed them right on the sub floor. facepalm From there it was all about drywall repairs and painting. The rooms turned out fantastic! I don’t have pics of J’s office, but it looks really good. I do have pics of the other room, which is now the Studio. We can use it for anything artistic, so it has computers, art supplies, ceramics, etc. We finished on the 13th of December with the electrician coming in to install an outlet and the ceiling fans, so we could get the furniture for the rooms built and installed.

My work space:

J’s work space:


Since these pictures were taken, we installed lights on the wall above each desk for better lighting. The ceiling fans have a single edison bulb, which gives a soft light, but not near enough to work by.

I have already used the space to do some design planning. Before the end of the year, I will be making a post of what is coming up for 2018. I’m still planning it all out a bit, and trying to decide on my main goal, but I do have a design started that will be following next years theme, which is color. I wanted something large for a theme to keep it being something I could be inspired by. Color will include anything and everything. The current design is a log cabin style blanket. I also have thoughts of a double knit project and fair isle projects or other color work. It will be a colorful 2018!

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