Christmas gifts are done, on to me presents!

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Yes, I have finished my Christmas knitting. Now, before you get jealous, I will put in the explanation that I really only made two gifts. I seriously limited what I am knitting for people. I have a gift for each of my parents, and that is it. 😀 I do have a WIP that I am working on for J that is partly done, but it’s not a Christmas present, since he knows I’m doing it.

With that being said, I finished a scarf for myself. I decided to try Tunisian Crochet, and see what it was like. I picked up some Tunisian needles and found myself a pattern on Ravelry. I ended up choosing the Tunisian Resolution Scarf. It’s a fantastic pattern! It is just complicated enough to keep my attention, yet describes everything with pictures, so that even a beginner will understand. So, back and forth I went until it was super long….like down to my knees long. I love it. I did the basic width that the pattern described, since it doesn’t get all that cold down here for me. But it’s also long enough that I can wrap it around my neck twice and it’s still a good length.

Untitled Untitled

Other than that, I am working on one of my designs that will be coming soon. It’s a cabled cowl/scarf. It has been tested, but I need scarf pics, so I am plugging away at finishing that. Also, I’m working on my double knit blanket still. This is the Grand Quest Blanket, which I got through the compilation. It’s fabulous! Here are some of my squares so far:


This is only two of the squares. There will be 20 total, and they are fully reversible. I love them! It goes with the same group of patterns as the scarf I finished ages ago: Untitled

Now that I have updated what is going on with my projects, it’s time to get back to working on them! Thanks for reading!

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