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Oh my, I haven’t posted here in ages! Sorry about that. This summer we went from calm and relaxed business as usual to full steam renovations. We redid the kitchen and the master bathroom/bedroom. Thanks to that upheaval, we were out of 80% of our house for 3 months, and living mostly in our basement. Not fun! We came upstairs mostly to just sleep. Our bed was moved into the guest room, and J still had his office. That was it for the top two floors of our house. Everything was in the basement. Oh, we did have the other bathrooms available. Yay! lol

So, what have I been doing? Well, apart from yelling at contractors, I have made some time to knit. I have been updating the Patterns page, but not so much updating what I am working on. The pink sweater in the last post still is not complete. sigh

I made a cute cowl out of cashmere. I can’t for the life of me remember what the pattern was. My brain is all fogged out from a cold, but when I remember I’ll be sure to post it. It was a simple pattern that I made with a kit I purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool a number of years back. It’s so nice! And now that it’s chilly outside I can actually think about wearing it.

I made J a pair of fingerless mittens out of Neighborhood Fiber Co’s, Baltimore Orioles yarn. J is a bit O’s fan, so this was up his ally. The pattern is quick and simple knit, but is fantastic for cozy fingerless mittens. The designer Stephanie C Haberman did a great job on them.


I also finished a Christmas present for my mom. This is a Gamine Vest which turned out great. I used Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the arctic colorway. I love how it looks. Now I just have to get it mailed off to her.

I think that’s it for my regular knitting stuff. The rest is all test knits or design work. Off to update the other tabs! Thanks for reading!

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