Pushmi Pullyu socks

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These socks were so much fun to knit. They are really a simple vanilla type sock that is great for a quick knit, and if you are just starting out. The fun arises in the construction. Instead of finishing at the cuff of the sock and then getting second sock syndrome, these socks keep going. You work a couple rows with a scrap yarn, and then go right into sock two. But, this time you work from the cuff to the toe. It’s great. They will work great with any yarn, since there is no patterning in the sock. I chose a yarn with a great stripe in it. The yarn is Continuum Self Striping from String Theory Colorworks in the Carbon colorway. I love their sock yarns. Their stripes are magic. Well, not really magic. They work really hard with their measurements and things to get the stripes to be perfect.


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