Celtic Cabled Fingerless Mittens

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Released! These mitts were started this past winter, but due to pain in my hands I had to put them down. Now that I have my arthritis under control, I have been able to pick them back up. The cable is a twisting pattern that works its way up the hand, but is not on the palm at all. The palm is a plain stockinette stitch to allow for the mittens to sit flat. That way they will not cause problems with typing or knitting. There are small, medium and large versions of this pattern and for the cable. I have sized the cable to have a similar hand coverage in each size.

The inspiration for this pattern was more vague. I am just a big fan of cables. I had wanted to learn how to knit cables since I was a child, and I am still infatuated with them. Plus I grew up in Nova Scotia, where we have quite a bit of Celtic influence. It can’t help but bleed out of Cape Breton into the rest of the province.


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