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So, I went ahead with some projects that I really should not have, but I’m not sorry. hehe I’m in love with this first one. And of course we had a cold snap and I’ve needed it. It’s a double knit scarf, and it’s glorious! I used Miss Babs Yummy 2 ply Fingering Weight in Rejuvenate (purple) and a Knit Picks Palette Fingering Weight in Mist (grey). Heavenly. It’s a double knit scarf, and was a Mystery Knit a Long. It’s also designed as an RPG, so for each part of the story, you roll the dice to find out which chart of that series you are to knit. It was very intense, but I am in love with every part of it. I have already worn it once. The pattern is called Heroes of Yarnia.


In addition to the scarf and the items listed in my portfolio, I also released a pattern. It’s my Leaf Slouchy. It’s a simple slouchy hat with a leaf design on it that can be made as a slouchy in various sizes, or it can be shrunk down to be just a regular hat.


I’ll be finishing up a couple things soon, but unfortunately one will not have pictures for a while. It’s a test knit I am working on for someone else, and it’s a great shawl pattern. But, the designer is planning to have a Mystery Knit A Long starting in April, so until that is over, she doesn’t want to have any social media spoilers. But, as soon as I am given the okay, I’ll post that one.

I have also continued on with the Yarnia quest line, and am working on a blanket now. That is set to go until the end of November, with a clue being released every 2 weeks.  I have a lot going on this year, for sure.

Since the blanket is released every two weeks, and since that shawl needs to be done by the end of March, I’ll be getting back to my designs very soon.  Stay tuned!

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