By The Shore Fingerless Mittens

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Released! The pattern for these mittens has now been released, and is for sale on Ravelry. I have added a small extra of detailing the mitten flaps that I made for my cousin to go with these mittens. The flaps have not been tested, and are purely just a little extra tidbit to go with the pattern. The main body of the mitten pattern has been fully tested.

This pattern is in the advanced category. The stitch pattern is called the Oyster stitch, and reminds me of days by the water watching the waves crash, and hunting for little creatures or dulse (a dried seaweed that I grew up eating). Sometimes when you are sitting down on the rocks, on the shore where I grew up, and the sun sets, you really need something to cover your hands. These are fantastic for that. They are warm and snuggly, but leave the fingers free to do what you need to.

The yarn is Woolfolk TYND, which is heavenly to knit with. I had 223 yards, but didn’t use all of it. This oyster stitch has proven to be challenging for some of my testers. It is more complicated and very tension fussy. If the tension is too loose, the oysters will not line up and will not be as defined as you want them to be. This makes them very awkward.


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