Swim So Wild socks

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These socks are called Swim So Wild and is written by Yarn Over New York. The yarn I used was String Theory Continuum, in the Carbon color way. These socks  are a lot of fun.The pattern is super easy to memorize, yet it adds a ton of detail to the look of the sock. They are most definitely a pair of socks you can toss in a bag to take with you as you travel or have appointments. As you can see from my pictures, they are designed to work with a self striping yarn with a decent stripe. They can be smaller stripes than what I have, but you probably want to have a stripe that is at least 4 rows high, in order to do it justice. I ended up having an issue with the pattern. But, I assure you it was totally my error, and not the pattern. I knit the pattern line too loose, and it caused that whole pattern section to be way off gauge. I will be re-knitting these, to get them to work for me. They are more of a pattern for a guy, but I really want a pair for me. My husband just doesn’t wear socks, so it would be a waste to have them for him.

As always, I have linked to my project page, which will be updated with the link to the pattern as soon as it is released.


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